Suggestions regarding managing villager production/researches/keybinds to increase enjoyability/focus on core gameplay

1.) Allow custom direct key binds to units without having to use control groups/select a building:training a swordsmen 4 times this way would train 2 on 2 barracks (if that’s the max on map), preferably starting with the 1 closest to my screen view.

2.) Have a single right click auto-queue 1 unit after previous is trained: big for villager management. Make it togglable for competitive play if it’s an issue. As one guy said, “The real decision making is not 'should I make 1 more villager / archer” but ‘should I pause’ or ‘should I stop it’."

3.) Allow multiple shift right click queuing units beyond your resource count. For example, 1x right click = only starts if you have resources for 1, 2 Shift Rclicks for 2, etc. Control + mouseover unit or some other bind could clear this secondary queue.

4.) Have a UI option to put all available researches at the right of screen by type. Maybe have preset color options too so if you wanted a red border for stuff you know you’d never use. Perhaps having the same thing but with colors based on age / resource counts for ones you want used at certain times (weak auras functionality in WoW got me to think about this).

5.) Better map options (including presetting your color, and all your enemies/allies colors; I want to be able to easily see where the bush berries and gold mines are too - dark colors aren’t good for this).

6.) A customizable notification for when villagers are idle (popup near middle when preset idle # is met). I doubt we’re getting weak auras functionality but that’d be my best case scenario. Checking my driver side mirror over too much on my resource/villager panel isn’t fun and I’d rather have popup text/icons/countdowns when/where I want.

7.) Change attack sounds so howl is first for wolf attacks (drum + howl currently, while enemy is drum + fanfare).

8.) Option to exclude island maps on queue.

Not sure I understand number 1 since you already have multiple ways of selecting multiple production buildings.

For #2 and 3 as has been discussed in other threads, auto-queue for units is a horrendous idea for a competetive RTS.

More map options are always nice, idk how easy/hard it is to allow customization per the coding.

I really hope they dont add any notifications to the center of the screen, it’s already quite simple to see idle vill numbers. Having stuff popup can be really distracting and I hope they learned their lesson from the old Chinese Dynasty button being in the way.

Ya, control groups just add keybinds though and I have to juggle em late game if I want to get real advanced (got like 80 hours in still only control group for main TC). Shift left click/double click have their time/screen restraits.

Having to constantly think about queuing up villagers isn’t a fun part of gameplay to me.

I understand if you don’t like having to think about queueing vills and military but it’s a big part of an RTS game and there’s a reason 0 RTS games have something like that. I would be honestly shocked if Relic put more than 2 seconds of thought considering adding something like that.

Not really sure what kind of hotkeys you mean, are you looking for a hotkey that selects all barracks? Myself and many people agree, I can bear with it usually by pressing F1 right now, and if necessary tab to barracks or click on it. I know they are looking into hotkeys for spring patch so hoping they add stuff like that.

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