Suggestions to make Ports more interesting

Yeah, I fully agree with you. Though I believe that the Landwehr does help Germans out a bit by giving them a pseudo Musk that doesn’t cost coin (since German armies tend to be very coin heavy). You’re also right about the fact that Fidalgos should be more coin heavy rather than food heavy.

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You know what else inwould like to see?
Feel free to add on it:
Feitoria Card: adding to the free resource over time, it sends a small fort instead of the TC (like the small indian forts type of thing) where you can train villagers and archaic units, or recruit some natives for gold.

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Latest update turns out give Royal Guard Pikeman to Ports, making only Halberdier in their Barrack that is bland. Perhaps they should remove the Halberdier and transfer some of it’s power to the Pikeman RG upgrade?

I just overall dislike the changes from this update, so I don’t have any ideas besides scraping this recent update completely and start again. These changes genuinely feel pointless. Instead of improving the identity of pike and shot for Spanish, they tried to turn Portuguese into a pike and shot civ. And the things that Portuguese could find either useful (better heavy cav) or thematicly unique (new Unique ship, new Unique cannon), they don’t get. Instead here, have a half-baked Landwher and yet another useless Royal Guard (and it’s the 3rd civ with RG Pikeman, what are the devs thinking??).


Well to be fair ports were a bit of pike and shot. Or halberd and shot?

Anyway… i havent played for ages (no pun intended) so i dont really have a horse in the race anymore. Just checking any changes once in while…

Maybe the devs have been playing cossaks with the portuguese Pikeman and volunteers.


I don’t understand why the hell a civ that has dragoons and royal guard musketeers + upgrade cards would need royal guard pikemen too… the Portuguese problem is the siege in the Age of Fortresses, since Organ Guns are worse than falconets and the grenadiers are a separate chapter.

Perhaps if we could have a shipment or technology from the Church that delivered Lansquenetes, renamed and reskinned as Montantes, it could help with the siege issue as well.
About the navy: there really is nothing that makes the Portuguese player feel that there is something special in their navy, a unique ship would really change that.


Yeah a “Nau” for the Portuguese would be great as unique ship.

The Explorer should be melee and with the Upgrade card (Knight of the Order of Christ) he would get a Montante aswell and a combat buff.

Add a Card for Knights with Montantes and heavy armour for gold (could be a church tech to unlock them).

Replacing the free TC model with a Feitoria one would be great aswell to give the civ more identity.


A Nau é um navio de maior porte que a Caravela? Pergunto por que me lembro de ter lido algo nesse sentido no passado.
Se sim então seria uma espécie de substituto para o Galeão.
Talvez a atual Caravela pudesse ser renomeada para “Carraca” (Carrack em inglês) e um outro navio “pequeno” pudesse ser adicionado, usando o nome de Caravela e o seu modelo visual sendo parecido com a Caravela do Age of Empires II (sendo exclusivo para Portugal).

I completely agree about renaming the Caravel to Carrack - especially as the unit model is that of a Carrack anyway :smiley:

A Nau was just the Portuguese term for Carrack however their Naus were far larger than other Carracks and they were generally seen as the developers of the Nau/Carracks.

Nau would be much bigger than a Caravel (a standard Carracks would also be biger).

As the Portuguese used Galleons greatly, I think the Nau should be a replacement for the current Caravel (which should still be changed to Carrack!). It makes sense - the Ports were one of the few early Euro civs exploring the world to a big level in the 1400/1500s so why not get the biggest ‘Exploration tier’ ship around!

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Give organ guns target lock back.

Fully agree. Especially when other civs use the caravel, which again was developed by the ports.

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I know that Portugal was a very capable nation when it came to pike and shot tactics, but the point is that there needs to be some distinguishing features between the civs. The Spanish in Legacy were built from the ground up to be a bit of an Xbow/Pike civ (+40/+40 pikes, while xbows had +15/+30 with [both could’ve had another +50 attack with Unction Missionaries], while Ports were made into a late game gunpowder civ. But now, they’ve decided to mix up the identities of the civs and I’m not a fan of the result.

Fair enough. Personally I always disliked the late game focus of the ports, altough gunpowder should be a focus since the start of the game, thats why i loved the xbow rifle.

They could make it a “soft” counter skirmisher. Basically it’d be a skirmisher with higher damage but low to no multipliers.

Haha please no (20 characters)

Whenever devs make an interesting civ, people play it in a bland way.

So maybe we should checkout good build orders for the existing civ, maybe they’re hidden somewhere…

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