Just wanted to share my vision regarding possible game improvements.

  1. Clans
    In the present time there are so many games that use a clan/guild system to improve teams; team work; game experience etc…
    There are also a few game titles that shouldn’t have implemented it. In Age if Empires; it makes complete sense of a Clan System.

  2. Revamp
    Alright; the Old versions were good.
    In 2021 I was expecting the same with a tiny new visual improvements.
    What I think it was missed:
    A way for the Gamer to monitor a little bit better the realm.
    Sounds and marks on mini map are easily missed when a player is focused in doing a million things.
    Perhaps thats part of the strategy… Honestly: A feeling of lack of control remains.

  3. VOIP & Chat
    Needless to say… It needs to be improved.

  4. People should be able to play together. What is the point of adding friends and NEVER be able to play with them? I invite people to group; start a match; but they are never in match. I guess this is a bug and eventually will be solved.

  5. Anti Cheat / Report System
    I have reported DevilX for out of nothing (while being beaten) became super strong and capable of 1 hit destruction on any building or unit.
    Heck (ask) Elladan (my match team mate)…
    A report should give the reporter a feedback and a feedback should contain information about the occurrence. Was it legit? Was player banned? Was it normal?
    I believe that In Age of Empires; it is likely to see less of these garbage.

  6. Chat System (Lobby)
    That chat could contain a public chat and a better chat communication.

Even though it is unlikely to see these features in the game; I believe most will agree they would make a great difference.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards;

Which game are you talking about? You posted this in the insider forums, when it should really be in the AoE2 or AoE4 forums depending on the game you think needs improving.


Sorry about that (New to the forum). I was quite confused while choosing the right location.
Already moved to AOE IV.

Thanks for pointing it out

After reading all your points… Yeah this game def was never worth $60.

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You could have gotten Halo and AOE 4 plus a bunch of others for the price of a lunch per month. Mistakes were made.

So after the fith month you would’ve bought aoe4 for 75+. Nice

Halo multiplayer is free btw :sweat_smile:

Indeed, I agree that it’s overpriced. As for Halo… Not my thing.
Actually; most games are just bad; clones; horribly maintained; contain cheaters; some no anti cheat; others lie about anti cheat system (there is none but say they have one). For me: just a few games are really worth (about 4 in all the games ever made); rest is just garbage.

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Which is exactly why a subscription model to taste a little bit of everything is a great way to game.