[Suggetions]Fishing Boats able to Garrison inside docks like villagers

The idea is that they are able to garrison and they heal over time inside it.


This would work very similarly to villagers in TCs if they could also shoot out of docks.

This would make a big shift in water balance, i’m not sure if it would be better or worse. but if you would implement it, in order to make it balanced I say make it maximum 5 fishing ships garrisoned per Dock. and don’t shoot any arrows, leave it to be unique Malay thing.


Already in aoe 3 and aom, once garrisoned the Dock shots.

Personally I don’t like it.

It changes the game quite a lot.

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Thought about it but it is quite difficult to balance that.

I know it might change but why should 2-3 fire galley be able to take away your entire fishing eco? The cost is just absurd and the investment is all loss. And the fishing ships are also vulnerable to range land units. You say that is what you get for not producing militar but can 2-3 knight take away all your eco?

Why not?


I think like this idea. 5 total is a good amount to garrison, that way you have to invest in more docks if you build more fishing eco.

I also wouldn’t include arrow firing docks.


Where in the REALITY, did you see a ship, garnisoned into a Dock ??
I know some submarines from WW2, 70 years ago, who garnisoned into docks, but NOT ships, boats.
It will be another fictional option…

It will be more REAL if military units have option to be garnisoned at buildings, after they left them, after their creation. But it will change the Naval game too much, as other players said.

Oh boy… reality…

In real life I can pull a small fishing boat ashore and walk up the beach so that boats shooting fire cant kill me. But in real life I cant magically make people for food that I just pulled out of a sheep carcass etc etc lol.


All ships are garrisoned in a dock? Where do you think ships are garrisoned? Or do you think they are left alone wandering in the sea?


I really like this idea.

There are so many times where a water battle goes awry and I temporarily lose all my fire ships/galleys, and I either have to send all my fishing ships to the moon to hide them; or they all just die by the time I can get more fire ships/galleys made.

I really like the idea of being able to hide a certain number of fishing ships (just fishing ships and only a certain number - and I don’t think it should shoot arrows unless the dock gets the harbor upgrade) in a dock until help can arrive or the dock gets destroyed and then the fishing ships will all pop out and get killed or run. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply for visibility again.

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Think its a good idea. Makes water expansion more forgiving.

But agree probably changes meta too much to have dock shooting except for malay…

Currently you can’t wall and you can’t garrison docks. Water is massively less forgiving than land fighting. Whatever logic is applied to land should be applied to some extent to water fighting. But it seems almost like 2 seperate ideologies were applied (almost no rock paper scissors mechanic) and then left that way as devs can’t spend any time at all changing anything water related it seems…

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Yeah that is why i left the ‘Shooting arrows’ part. You would need to balance it.

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