Sumerian Campaign - Cradle of Civilization

Here it is! Finally I took the time to convert some of my previous work on this Sumerian campaign on the new Definitive Edition. This is a simple campaign of 5 scenarios, some classic and some more advanced.
This work has been inspired from the original “A short history of lost Sumeria” by Andrea rosa for the classic game. History text is missing, but I will add it in the future if there is a lot of request for it.:smile:
The scenarios should be balanced, but testing coming from outside the creator is far more useful: you can post all your feedback here. Have a nice game!

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My campaign has apparently been flagged.:rofl: May I ask why?

Hi Totalste, this sounds like a cool campaign. Since it seems to be missing from, would you be able to submit to AoEHeaven?

Hi Totalste, I am sorry that I missed this thread. I have reached out to the team to un-flag your custom campaign. In the meantime would you please re-upload the custom campaign to the website? There was an issue a few months ago where no one was able to upload custom content.

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Reuploaded, hope it is fine now :grinning:


I’ve played 10 times is there a problem with Betrayal? I cant get the artifact. I sent scouts to the brown flg nothing happens.