Sunburnt Villagers (female)

Why are the female villagers sunburnt (first mission of first campaign part).


Hi MSTRSup3rninja,

Do you mean the mission: The Falcon Lands On Malta?
If you can specify the mission title and difficulty, I can try to reproduce it? :smiley:

Yours Truly,

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very funny
we all know you want to be made a mod/sage :stuck_out_tongue:
and yes, I do mean that one

I’ll try to reproduce it

It seems it is not only the Female villagers but the males as well.
Malta is in the Mediterranean, so it would make sense if you work a lot outdoors, that you’d get a good tan going, however, this may be a bit too much of the good stuff haha! :joy:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshit 2:

It’s a bit harder to see on the men, but they are just as tanned! :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug or glitch, but just an artistic choice made by the developers.

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