After looking at the recent videos for the French civilization, I became curious about the difference between the lightning effects in the trailer and during the VOD:

[YouTube video: Age of Empires IV - The French]

[YouTube video: Age of Empires IV: Chinese vs French (VOD)]

I really like the sunshine effects in the initial trailer. Will it be possible to enable these graphics in the final version of the game? :slight_smile:


Someone did find many more graphical settings in files than what we have seen so far. So we’ll see on release what options we end up having. I say the more the better.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, let’s hope that the graphical options of the trailer can be implemented in-game.

Anyway, it’s a good sign that the trailer from a few days ago still has that fresh look.

They have good sunshine in the promo vids. I don’t know why we can’t see that in the actual gameplay. The real gameplay videos seem dark and depressing. the same with camera angles.

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I noticed that too but it’s as
@CRothlisberger said. Hopefully they give us option to change it

It seems like the problem got fixed, or somehow the sunshine is part of the map options (we will see in the editors). I’m very happy with how the game looks at the moment.