Super-Human Subjugator Achievement Bugged

I’ve beaten Hardest twice, and Absurd once, yet the achievement did not trigger. I suspect this has to do with the addition of new difficulties.

Achievement in question:
Super-Human Subjugator → Win a 1v1 match against the Hardest A.I.

I’m running the game on the regular update (not pup) via Steam with Xbox not linked.

Hey @Tux8358! Do you have any mods or cheats active?

Hey @SavageEmpire566. No, I don’t have any mods on, and cheats are toggled off. In all three games, I’ve launched a basic skirmish with default settings (all victory conditions allowed, default resources, etc). The Absurd game was in Dry Arabia, the Hardest ones were in Dry Arabia & Mountain Pass.

Thank you for following up @Tux8358! We’ll investigate on why this might be happening. Much appreciated!

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Hey @Tux8358—can you DM me your Steam ID?