Supplementary advice for upcoming new patches

Thanks to Devs, the game will get better.
Siege weapons have been nerfed across the board, so the Springald of Rus and Mongols needs to be adjusted. Reduces their bonus range tech by 0.5. The final range is 13 and 12.5. At the same time reduce technology costs.
Bombard health reduced from 480 to 400. Then French’s Cannon health should also be adjusted, I think it is more reasonable to reduce it from 320 to 270.
Chinese bombard Reload Drills reload bonus time reduced from 33% to 20%, and technology costs should be reduced accordingly. Rus’ Fine-tuned Guns reload bonus time reduced to 20%. Both are the same. The cost and research time should also be the same, both should be 150 food and 350 gold for 60 seconds. Thanks!


I think Culverin needs nerfs too

On the contrary, I think this patch is mostly rubbish. The balance of the game has not been solved, and the civilized characteristics have been seriously weakened, which is contrary to the concept of making aoe4.

The game is seriously better , siege is not such a big problem now.

They won’t fix everything in just one patch lmao


Es sólo un cañón para el juego posterior y sigue siendo sólo un problema en algunos casos.

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Yea I agree. Infantry civ will now have much better chance at surviving late game. Late game was pretty much siegefest. Units will have much stronger foothold but will still lose if they are not willing to counter siege.

The damage of mangonels has not been nerfed, they should still shred through infantries as fast as before.

same as before but there slower now. o noes.
Make some spears and your good. Mass siege better now and Mangonels are even better. seems more splash now.

China in team games easy mode now

Still Drop hack still mass siege after patch - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

please read my response and stop avoiding me because i destroyed you in half of your threads .

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Bombard has been nerfed a lot, but should at least reduce French’s Cannon’s movement speed to 0.75. Otherwise French’s Cannon would be much better than Bombard. (Fast movement; high damage) Balance changes should be in the following ways: 1. Weakened the same kind, 2. The principle of weakening the one side and compensating the other side

bug fix & mod support就够了

I want it to be seen again