Support for 1024x768 resolution

Hello, I know not many people play on a 2000s monitor, but can we have support for this resolution or the option to increase the the ui size beyond 125%, because even with the ui set to maximum it is too small on this resolution. It’s hard to read the text as well, increasing the ui size has no effect on it.

My monitor viewable image size is 16 inches

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That seems about as much as you can see with a 1024x768 res back in the day. So looks like it’s working good?

Regarding the text, have u tried switching to the other font type in the options, maybe that one would work better?

Also try to download some UI mods, a lot of mods increase size of the map, make some ui parts transparent, and increase numbers at the resource panel.

You could try downloading the “Haro Transparent UI” and show how it looks like you for you with. (note: gotta restart game for the mod to take effect). I’m also curious how it would look like on that res since I only tested it on 1600x900 and 1920x1080

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve changed the font type. The text now looks clearer but still tiny and distorted.

The mod you suggested solved half of the problem, it increased the size of the map and the ui/text at the top but not the text and icons at the buttom. I prefer the ui skin of the base game though.

This is how it looks in comparison to the classic AoE2:

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In DE It’s not only small but jaggy as well. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between 5 and 6 without looking closely.

Thanks for the help.

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