Support for Community Projects: Easy Access to Game Data (e.g. aoe4world)

Dear developers,

there are many great and creative community projects around.
You might have seen or (my project) and many more.
And, you might also have seen that these services are pretty well received by the community.

However, when it comes to game data, stats or automatic build order derivation these projects are lacking proper game support or any API at all. Reverse engineering is tedious and we run into limits from time to time.

In order to support great projects like these and allow for even more creative and advance community driven (!) projects around Age of Empires IV, it would be great to open up parts of the game data at least.

Are there APIs that the we as the community have missed so far?
Do you have projects like these on the radar? (And the limitations that hold them back)
Or are there even plans regarding querying game data (after the game), or hooking into the game loop (during the game) to allow for more powerful and potentially automated intergration like SC2 has? (that would rather be mods than external web apps)

Thanks (I guess also on behalf of the entire aoe4world-team) and other enthusiasts and fans that spend a lot of free time in free aoe4 projects.

Have a nice Sunday! :slight_smile: