Supremacy Balance Changes

that wasn’t directed at you at all, I like most of your suggestions


Oh lol. I can’t keep track of all the names and history of posts here, so I assumed that was directed at me.

You’re free to disagree of course, but I’d be right and you’d be wrong (lol jk).

if i was going to make a criticism of your list, it would be more italy buffs, probably to rework their unit upgrade cards to be less ridiculously specific. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its a euro civ with an asian deck. Too many very specific unit upgrade for a bunch of mediocre units.


This is only true if you want to make them similar to other end-game musketeers. They should be noticably worse than soldados in offense (which they will be with my proposed changes), but better than soldados in defense.

Latest changes:


  • Increase cost of 5 Spahi card to 1,200f, or only allow 4 of them for 1,000f.
  • Reduce Bashibozuk HP down to 160 (from 180)
  • Increase cost of first settler rate upgrade at mosque from 50w to 75w
  • Increase cost of first settler limit upgrade from 100c to 125c.


  • Reduce starting food by 50f.

Increase unpacking time for:

  • Capital wagon by 10s
  • Meeting House Wagon by 5s
  • Bank wagon by 5s
  • TP by 5s


  • -50f start


  • Increase unpacking time for Consulate Wagon by 10s.


  • Revert 1% XP nerf.
  • Upgrade Age IV Sentinel card to 55% stat increase, +2 range and melee range, and +.25 speed.
  • Upgrade Wall guns to have a +10 range to its aura
  • Upgrade Advanced Commandery to also increase Commandery Stats by 15%
  • Upgrade Auberges Card to also decrease train time of Commandery units by 10%.
  • Decrease cost of German Tongue from 450w → 425w.
  • Upgrade Dignitaries card to also slightly boost Hospitallers in combat: 5% more HP, attack, and speed
  • Two church wagon card → Now Arrives Fast


  • Add +50f start


  • Increase TeePee and tribal marketplace build times by 3s each.


  • Increase unpacking time of Warhut by 3s.


  • Give 5% hunting bonus back.
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church tech doesn’t affect wall guns just their hp and damage. So a straight +4 range from wall guns seems resonsble.

That would be OP. Defending behind walls is too resource efficient. Maybe they can give an HP auro that boost walls like haude explorer has

My point was if the new wall guns effect I was suggesting was combined with the church tech they’d get the range from enemy outputs/TCs too.

I wasn’t suggesting a straight +4 everywhere as that would contradict the unit’s core design. Though I’d take what I could get.

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I don’t think that should be the case, Wall guns on friendly walls make sense since you can use gunpowder depots for added rate of fire with the extra range. The problem is that wall guns isn’t as effective as it should be.

In team game aspect,
organ gun need the gatling gun treatment, NOW.
the organ gun is exactly gatling-before-nerf which kill cav too efficient
in fact, it even has the speed to hunt back culv.


Organ Guns are like gatling guns for the USA, a unit that’s so cost-effective it needs nerfing.

But let’s address the other Portuguese issues that’s putting them in the bottom 5 civs.


Curious if you like this suggestion.