Supremacy Trainer Ai for The Asian Dynasties

I’ve been working on an extended aoe3 ai based on Draugur and SKYTEAM efforts for the last couple of years, and with de coming up I think its a good a time as any to release it to the wider public.
having played the de ai, I can say that atleast it doesn’t lose out to it, if not better in some aspects. so if you want a challenge from an ai on the original asian dynasties expansion, this ai is for you.

it will still lose out to walls and pillars, fundamental problems with the original game code means it has less potential then the de ai, and of course it cant micro, so there are aspects that will be worse. but it still should give most players a decent challenge while teaching them how to play supremacy better.
will function on pretty much all maps.

ill make a new topic later about what I believe the ai needs to be truly useful or competitive in de, because the current one is way too passive and gives up map control far too easily, instead turtling in its base instead of using units to secure an advantage around the map, while launching the occasional half hearted attack to show it has a pulse, and doing stupid things like spamming spies without reason. the ai, especially with tools and bugfixes de brings, can be so much better and I hope the devs take time to make it actually dominate/secure the map and build units/buildings like a human player would.