Sweden at treaty

Can we remove the giant gran.and replace them with mountain troopers train them from barracks?and not much expencive.sweden needs skirmishers and jager are expencive lot .i think mountain troopers will be a good solution.many merc sweden dont need after the update of pikeman .they want only skirmisher.

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i hope sweden never gets access to skirmishers or similar, its their entire identity not having skirmishers, it was already a sad day when they got a dragon.


Already have i just only say swap the mercs

Well yes on one side it is sad, but the problem is with torps everywhere, you need goons to protect them from i.e. raiders.

Sweden gets access to 2 pop skirmishers in the barracks with the German Mercenary contracts called Jaeger. Also the infantry guns aka Leather Cannons are basically artillery skirms. They are very strong in combination with Giant Genadiers or Caroleans. Sweden does not need another skirmisher merc/native they have plenty of good options.


I just say replace jager with mountain troopers.who take 1pop .so simple

Jaegers are Mercenary troops, mountain troopers are natives, it goes against the civ’s design to do that, which focuses on Mercenary units. Jaegers perform well. if you wanted a better skirm, I would suggest the cannoneer, as it is a 1 pop abus gun.

Also mountain troopers are available as an infinite shipment for Sweden already and cost no pop when sent.

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