Sweden Carolean vs Aztec Eagle Runner Knight

Sweden Carolean vs Aztec Eagle Runner Knight

Carolean used to have a 1.5x multiplier against Eagle Runner Knight. Sweden was very nerfed. Carolean was very nerfed. Aztec buffed. Eagle Runner Knight’s ranged attack powered up at Community Plaza. Sweden also does not have 1 population Skirmisher. In order to balance the Aztec vs Sweden match in the treaty games, Carolean’s at least 1.3x ranged attack multiplier against hand shock infantry should be changed to shock infantry.


Sweden Carolean’s ranged attack should have 1.3x or 1.5x multiplier against Aztec Eagle Runner Knight.

As they just have bonus vs heavy cavalry they have (and have to) bonus only vs hand shock infantry.

Sweden is far from bding weak in treaty, is one of the most played in lobbies, hard to see a match without them.

They shouldnt be able to mass that quantity of leather canons (same happens with Hauds’ field canons…)

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how? they specifically got nerfed to their range armour

So the rumors are true. Sweden mains do believe that caroleans are supposed to be the answer to everything…

I think against Eagles you are supposed to use jaegers, crossbows, or canons.

I feel that eagles are the main selling point of the aztecs civ. This obviously makes an akward match up for Swedes who do not get “traditional skirms”, but they have options, as Eagles have no bonus damage vs artillery and swedes can always use jaegers.


Why does the carolean need to be good vs ERK? They are not supposed to even though they already trade cost effectively to them


supostamente essa o guerreiro águia deveria ser considerado cavalaria leve ?

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Your partly wrong, Sweden does have crossbowmen but post-imperial age yea…not so good.
Since it would only change the Sweden vs Aztec matchup I don’t see a problem.

Its not needed, all he has to do is to train canons lol, they should change Haka to become a counter (and just) for dragoons at melee

Yes musketeer are not supposed to be hard counter to light cav at range. So carolean doesn’t counter ERK at range however they trade well resource wise