Sweden need buff!!!

Karoliner weak.The karoliner,Swedish principle troop, is too weak to fight with other musketeers,especially asigarus!!!

Age weak.Sweden need 4:45 with 15p or 4:25 with 14p to advance to age2.slow and puzzling.cause Dutch has been build 3 bank at this time.

Torp weak.British build a manor which cost 135w to gain a settler,and these settlers will be influenced by the tech of market.But the torp not.It need shipment(the ironworks、the blueberries and the nouthern forests) to buff itself.

Leather cannon weak.It owns 40*3 damage for infantrys.So they can eliminate skirmishers with one shot, but not for musketeers.Omg,it s an artillery unit with 300f and 100w!

Are you seriously saying that the leather cannon, an age2 cannon, is weak?


well,but I think it is just an anti-skirmisher unit.If there is a large number of the opponent 's musketeers,they can be easily eliminated.

I agree with coraleans needing a buff, maybe +1 ranged attack for now?

Players: “Caroleans are OP!!!” “Sweden is Op”
Devs: “ok, here’s a couple nerfs”
Players: “Carleans need a buff!” “Sweden needs a buff”

Being devs for this game must be so exhausting.


I think they are fine as they are. Maybe they could be given crossbowmen at age 2 and guerrillas at age 3 to counter infantry without the need for cannons or mersenaries often, but they need to be weaker than average to make up for the balance (I think).

It is a building that collects natural resources, I think even better than Japanese shrines. It’s only fair that they’re weak (relatively).

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I agree that Caroleans aren’t as poweful as some claim them to and they don’t have the bonus vs dragoons anymore unlike their mercenary versions (Fusilier and that new african version).

Unlike when DE started swedes have crossbows which can suffice for taking out hand infantry and dragoons without relying entirely on jeagers and Hackapell are quite good at taking enemy musketeers at range.

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It took so long to figure out how to make Swedes not op. I’d suggest working on some other civs that are in more urgent need of buffs and new contents.


I didn’t remember they already have crossbowmen. I don’t play very often due to technical limitations. :frowning:

In my opinion,the karoliners should +1 attack and +100f or +1 settler when Sweden starts.cause that I think Sweden is so slowly in the aspect of advancing age(15p 4:45).

Cause Sweden get nerfd so heavily,pal.Sweden UP now.yeah,extraordinary UP.

But your troops can’t resist a lot of musks.Whether theyre crossbows or leather cannons.Especially,when your opponent is Japan or Britain.

Well,but the shrine is cheaper than the trop,and you said that

It’s a great disadvantage compared with shrine.Those natural resources will be comsumed until exhausted,but the shrine not.

on the other side,Sweden is weak when it is at age2,it is hard for it to get through this period and advance to age3.

Hackapelit have range resist, speed and incredibly high ranged damage that has aoe.

That actually makes them really good against musketeers that attempt to micro.

I don’t think Sweden needs a buff, or at leat not the kind of buff you are proposing.

Swedes have 2 huge strengths, namely Caroleans and Leather cannons, both accessible from age 2. Caroleans are basically age 2 dragoons with their ranged multiplier versus cavalry, and leather cannons deal 120 damage to infantry every 3s and with radius of 2.

Which means, they need drawbacks to be balanced. Since caroleans are much better than musketeers at killing cavalry, it is only fair that they lose against musketeers in 1v1. Musketeers have 150 hp and do not get 1-shot by leather cannons, but leather cannons are already a strong unit. And Swedes also have corssbows to deal with musketeers in age 2. From age 3 on, they also get falconets, Jägers and Hakkapelits, plus a card for caroleans to outrange musketeers.

So yeah, Swedes are weaker in age 2, especially if you want to torp boom. But so are Germans, Chinese, and Portuguese, and it is entirely fine for some civs to have a weak age 2. Swede torps do not need to be as straightforward to use as the others “eco houses” (british manors, japanese shrines, incas houses). Given their weaknesses (no conventional skirms and dragoons, no halberdier type unit, house-booming out of your base), Swedes are rather a hard civ to play, with is also fine.

I think the main problem is your first paragraph: “The karoliner,Swedish principle troop, is too weak to fight with other musketeers”. People playing Swedes typically braindeadly spam caroleans without any care, and hope that the caroleans would be the answer to everything. For a long time it was the case and Swedes were OP because of having no counterplay to caroleans.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking after reading your suggestion and I think most of what you said is true.whether it s about karoliners or trop.
But the fact is that Sweden is really UP now,sir.And I hope that Sweden can gets 300f and 300w rather than 200f and 300w when game starts.Or give Sweden an extra settler.

But the sanctuaries I think generate a lower rate. Also if we compare it with the average house and not with the Japanese it is a great advantage.

I’m not sure if they are under or over. I haven’t played a match against them in ages. The civ is dead usagewise. I suppose that means they are bad but who knows

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Bad? No. They just have a high skill floor now.


Don’t make Caroleans then, you have cannons age 2 and a lot of gold to make strong mercenaries.