Sweden Torps or 20 Villagers

Sweden Torps or 20 Villagers

Using Torps for Swedish civilization is tiring. It’s a laborious job and Torps work slower than workers. They are not very efficient. Sweden needs to add a new card for this situation. An extra 20 or 25 Villagers should be removed in the Town Center instead of the Torps. With this card, Torps won’t collect or subtract anything that will disable it.


Add an extra 20 or 25 Villagers to the Town Center instead of 20 Torps.

I’m pretty sure you won’t like my answer, but if you don’t like managing torps either

i) play inca, japon, dutch (civ with ressource-producing buildings that don’t need to be managed)


ii) play the english, and you will have a lot of villagers ! :grin:

You’re welcome my friend !


You do need to be mindful of japan shrines though.

The idea of torps is to have them gather at least 2 resources at once. It is trivial to always keep them gathering food, for gold it is a bit more tricky but nothing to write home about.

In any case, removing torps would be like making Sweden be some sort of Spain, but without faster shipments.

Torps are somewhat “additional eco” on top of regular villagers which Swedes do not lack.
Unlike Japanese whose food income from berries is a bit slower than average.

I think it is a good design if you need to put additional efforts and attention to utilize your civ’s bonus. That’s why the original version of Swedes and Japanese (back in TAD) were pretty bad designs as they were pretty safe and strong at the dame time.