Swedes home city cards

Hello. I have been playing swedes for a while in skirmish game mode and I would like to see colbertism food trickle card to be changed to distributivism wood trickle card as in my view it is better suited for the swedes. They do have the torp spawning trees card but it’s in age4 so not so useful for shorter games. I would wish to see also the surströmming fish crate card in more use by letting the torps, with dominions card, gather food from the crates. I think the team falun mine card states “mines last longer” and this affects the gather yield for villagers. It should in my opinion change the gather yield for torps too. Maybe not 25% but some. I would also consider a rework of advanced mill and estate home city cards. I haven’t used them for any civ as land grab card is available. The advanced mill and estate cards could give a discount in the food and coin costs of units for example. Separately to that discount, one way could be some new mechanic that would be attached to advanced mills and estates like you could have for example food or coin (minus) -100 for each advanced mill or estate. like they in a way would create ability to have storages that gives you some freedom to go below your true resources at the moment of use.

  • I agree that it feels a little unfair that British have distributivism for their manor boom (which they do not use because of having better cards) whereas Swede do not have it (even though most would probably rather want the 3 villagers and the blueberries). But on the other hand a civ should not “get everything it wants”… So I don’t know, whiy not ?
  • Yeah torps spawning trees in age age IV is very late and hence not so useful, but earlier it would probably be OP. Maybe it could be divided into one card increasing the harvest range and one card spawning a tree, both in age III ?
  • Torp gathering from surströmming crates sounds like a bad idea: as far as I understand, the objective of the card is to never be depleted, which does not work well with trops gathering.
  • I also think that advanced mill and advanced estate are not useful for a civ having land grab. But I am strongly against any change of these cards for swedes only. So the changes should be made carefully after analyzing which civs have them and which do not. And please no gimicky behaviors like negative resources in bank.

Good points, I was carried away and didn’t emphasize enough that I meant the changes to advanced mill and estate more to every civ rather than just swedes. Although the topic says swedes home city cards :slight_smile:
Yes, I haven’t been really aware of the functionality of the surströmming crates so was just a quick note. So surströmming crate idea is that you can assign a villager to them and they will never deplete so the villager is never idle? I guess the trickle card idea might be also that I can assign one villager or two from food to wood with it? So good to have it anyhow.

I didn’t really try out the Surströmming card. I just know it gives 2 crates starting at 100 food, replenishing at 1 food/second is not harvested, has a limit of 8 crates, and most likely gets harvested at 8 food/second. Maybe when it gets emptied, it replenishes again. If so, affecting it to Torps would be like having 2f/s per card, which is stronger than Colbertism (1.5 f/s), which is fine as it requires dominions.
Maybe it already works this way ? I saw a patch limitiming the number of Surströmming crates to 8 to balance swedes on treaty.

I will check out how the card works.

Advanced mill and plantation should also give some other bonus, like cutting upgrade prices or improve income, to be worthy.


If you finish the crates they disappear.

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So the surströmming card seem to work as following:

  • both sent crates start with 100 food, and increase at 1 f/s
  • each crate has two states: “increasing food” and “gathered”. as soon as a villager starts gathering, the crate will be set to “gathered” and will never increase food again, even if nobody gather from it anymore.
  • using the dominion card, the torps can receive the crates and gather from them when they are in “gathered” state. Which means that a villagers has to gather from each crate (at least one second or so) to “unlock” them and allow torps to gather from them at the 8 f/s rate.
  • I have a visual bug that the crate are not disapearing when it got gathered by a torp (the crates are empty though)

Nicely done with the research!
Am I right that the card sends only two crates so to get the max benefit I would have to send the card 4 times and then wait like 10 minutes to have 600 food in each of them? so then for the next 10 minutes I would have a constant 8 f/s? I think they should increase some extra xp trickle for treaty games so this could work in those at least.
What do you think is better if I may ask, refrigeration in age 3 or colbertism as soon as possible? In comparison, Like if I have had for like 8 minutes earlier the colbertism food trickle than refrigeration, will the refrigeration still be better lets say with two mills full of villagers in a game that lasts 20 minutes after getting the refrigeration? Do you know if someone has made any calculations about it ?

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It is better to just use the blueberries, with that and the villagers gathering you won’t need any improve in food gathering

And if you do need more, then there’s blackberries.

interesting, just had a look at this card and it if it’s 1 food per second with 2 crates that’s not bad, sort of like a vill with hunting dogs but zero idle time and can’t be stopped from gathering, slightly better income than the food trickle though not permanent. In practice though it’s hard to fit even sending this once because there’s so many other cards that pay off instantly like the berry cards and ironworks etc.

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