Swedish mercenary proposal

If there is a mighty civilization, there are about two types

  1. More powerful
  2. Cheap

There is no Musketeer in Germany, and the units are expensive and slow. Professional army are needed to restrain the opponent
Having cards to strengthen mercenaries is to take a more powerful route

Swedish does not have Crossbowman and Skirmisher and Dragoon, in the introduction of civilization, it explained cheaper and faster mercenaries,But there is no corresponding card

With cards that increase combat power in era 4.
I recommend Replace with changing the effect to cheaper and faster when training units from Saloon

Germany can have powerful mercenaries when it has shipping.
Sweden can train cheaper mercenaries in Normal time.
In this way, each of the mercenaries shows their uniqueness

By the way, applicable
Lakota: a stronger desperado(They smuggled guns against outsiders)
China: cheaper desperadoes(The emperor of China often pardons criminals to declare his benevolence)

Aztecs: stronger pets
Indian: more pets