Switched to new ssd, can I transfer data over?

So I just got a new ssd for my OS and games and successfully got everything including AOE III (after some hassle) installed and running. However I am missing all my settings/hotkeys, single-player campaign progress, home cities and save games.

I still have access to my old HDD to transfer files from. Is this data stored in such a way that I can copy over everything (most importantly all my custom hotkeys)?

As it’s a new computer you can just copy over the whole folder Documents\My Games\Age Of Empires 3. This folder contains all of your local game settings and saved stuff like campaigns, homecities, etc.

if that doesn’t work it may be stored in your appdata. Bit of fun to navigate but if you go to %appdata% on your current drive then change the drive letter to your old one, you may be able to find it in local or roaming. I don’t have it installed so i don’t know :frowning: