Synchro error during ranked game

Synchronization error are still happening, even in ranked games…
Apparently the game stability has not been improved with the anniversary update.
After the error message, all the players in the game are still chating and saying “wtf, another sync error…”… But the game is ended for all of us.

What are the cause of this sync issue ?
What is the plan to fixt it ?
What happens to your ranking after the game stopped due to sync error ?

Hey @FairestDawn5263! It could be a few different things, unfortunately. After you encounter a sync issue, please immediately contact support with your warnings.log file.

Hi, I don’t encounter a sync issue, the whole team encounters a sync issue.
I hope you guys are aware about that, because it happens maybe 5-10% of games :slight_smile:

i got out of mem err last game, it was moded server though…i have 16gb mem…

It seems that a bug which was fixed long time ago is imported into the game…actually someone developed a tool to boom the whole game, and now it can be used again.