System recommending low graphics settings

This seems like a bug to me and it is preventing me and actually making me doubt getting the expansion. I just upgraded my GPU from an AMD 6800xt to an AMD 7800XT, along with the PSU and the SSD. I have a Ryzen 9 5900x. I ran 3d mark stress tests and everything is all Jesus.

All of the games in my library automatically changed the graphics settings to Ultra (otherwise high if no ultra), except AoE4. AoE4 automatically turned them to low and when I tried to change them to high (as it was before my upgrade) it gave me a warning and a yellow triangle with an ! symbol if I wanted to adjust the Resolution slider. The game refuses to let me play 4v4 and has crashed on me multiple times in 3v3. I also hear my fans whirring like craaaaazy when there are a bunch of units on the field.

Why is AoE4 saying that I don’t meet system requirements for Medium settings when my system is better than it was before?