T90 V.S. Spirit of the Law who is better (as a AOE2 content creator)?

If you could only watch one

  • Spirit of the Law
  • T90
  • Neither

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Sorry guys. i reframed the question now so that apples and oranges does not apply.

Very much an apples and oranges comparison, they have quite different niches, and I don’t see them competing in such a way that I’d have to make a judgment as to “who is better.” I watch probably 2/3rds of the new videos from both of them, and within their respective realms I consider them both fairly professional.


Can’t compare pizza to ice cream. Both are amazing, and fill different roles


Manga and anime, no compare

Such nonsense should be immediately removed.


chose neither because it would be unfair to vote in one of them. They bring different content and I’m personally a fan of both.
They are great in what they propose to do.

Neither because Among the Hidden exists.

one of them casts interesting games and hosts tourneys and the other is more about game mechanics and analysis, you cant compare them. Neither is not a good third option anyway