Tactical map feature for the definitive editions

Hello, guys! This is something pretty unknown even within the Age of community, but i want to propose the addition of the tactical map feature to the definitive edition, which appeared back in age of mythology. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s an unfoldable, amplified minimap in which the buildings are not simply dots, but have an icon assigned depending on the kind of building it is. You unfolded and folded it by pressing tab on the keyboard.

![](/uploads/editor/jd/gcvi183smwp9.jpg "") ![](/uploads/editor/e0/lmc4ewn5d9wa.jpg "")

It’s a quick way to check wat the dots in the minimap are. I find it pretty QoL and useful since it makes very easy and fast to check whether that thing your explorer uncovered is wood camp or a pile pile of barracks.