Tactics on Nomad

I was wondering a lot of people seem to have a bad start on nomad or the like. I was just wondering what those of you do in the beginning. What is giving you such difficulty that you can’t play it also what do you all think of my typical start

I have the two closer vills meet up and build a tc in a good spot. Not a lot of scouting. With the third i will either build a house and lumber camp most of the time or house and mill/dock if it is a really good spot. I will continue using the spare vill to make more houses and box him in. From there i usually find a sheep and boar. I will use the sheep to scout out quickly and try to build up fast then go m@a and box up to knights. Spare vill will start making tc and then the rest depends on the game.

Change this to always a house and a dock. Having a far away lumber amp for 1 vill seems really like a waste of resources.

Send this vill to shore fish after building the dock and use him/her for building houses.

The strategy after the start pretty much depends on the map gen and position of allies and enemies. Sometimes you go for some feudal pressure, sometimes it is FC. My experience is that the strategy pick is much more dynamic on this map. And that games are much more messy.