Take Them On FFA Event Quest not completing

Build: AOE IV v.

When attempting to complete the Event quest “Take Them On” the player is tasked with lasting 10 minutes in a 8 player free for all game. To do this, I attempted two things.

Firstly, myself and my wife tried playing together in a multiplayer match with us 2 and 6 AI players, all with team set to “none” to prevent any teams from forming from the “Auto” option. Both lasted will passed the 10 minute mark, but upon completion - neither the victor or the other player received the event quest completion despite meeting it’s requirements.

Next, I joined an 8 player FFA multiplayer match with 7 other live (non-AI) players to see if it simply needed to be completed with a full group, no AI. The game was also set up with no teams, players made it to the 10 minute mark and then some. Despite fulfilling the objectives in a free-for-all game, the event quest completion still did not trigger.

Both games were played until the players either experienced victory or defeat.

The expected result is that the event quest completion should trigger under either condition considering the task’s conditions were met verbatim.

To reproduce this, merely join or create an 8-player free for all match, last for 10 or more minutes, complete the match and the event quest will remain incomplete.

I have only encountered other players that have also been unable to complete the event quest and have not yet found any players able to confirm a completion and, likewise, have been unable to learn how to successfully complete the event quest - if there is indeed a way around the bug.

Update Edit: I tried to perform the FFA event quest by assigning each player teams 1 through 8, to be thorough. The quest completion was still not triggered and that covers every configuration of an 8-player free for all I can think to make.


I tried both ‘none’ and 1 to 8 at team option in 8 players multiplayer gameplays and won the game, still not trigger the completion of this event. Really glad to learn I am not the only one, and hope to figure it out soon!


Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat, but thanks for confirming the issue has been effecting you too. Still haven’t found anyone that’s confirmed they’ve gotten it to work.

I just want to collect the event sigil, so I too hope they can fix it soon (before event expires).


I am having the same issue. Completed with 5 players and 3 AI with no teams. Completed with 1 player 7AI with teams 1-8. Completed multiplayer with 8 players and no team chosed and still not completed. Any help with this would be great.


I did a match with 7 other players who all selected no team. Still didn’t pop the challenge. Not sure what to do at this point


I am also in the same boat I have two different matches three now, All of them were eight player non-AI games where everyone was free-for-all, two of those games everybody had their own team One of those games everyone had no teams. I’m wondering if this is a bug that needs to be reported or if we’re not meeting the requirements that they assumed we would have to be under.


Found this on Reddit. May try tomorrow.

“Has to be 8 human players all having selected ‘no teams’, standard rules (no mods), and everyone still has to be in the game when the last player has surrendered. Just got it to work with 7 other surprised people at the 11 min mark.”


Hey guys, I just finish this take-them-on event by the rules above. I joined a multiplayer game whose host has informed these rules in the very beginning, and everyone agree to follow.
I surrender at 11 minutes and I stay in the game untill the last player is eliminated, so by the time the game is finished, there are still total 8 players in the game. Event finished.
Good luck guys!


Thanks Tecmoman, AzizKou, I’ll give that a shot today - I’ve had an 8-player, no AI match but I’m sure not everyone wasn’t still hanging out in the score screen by the end of that match. If it works, I’ll be sure to update.

If they have this condition in a future event or daily quest, I hope they can improve the conditions that trigger completion. As is, most normal 8-person FFA matches won’t trigger completion since people wouldn’t normally coordinate to hangout until the match ends.

Edit: Completed match per the requirements mentioned above: 8-players (no AI) selecting no team (-), 11minutes in, everyone surrendered and waited in score screen. Completion was confirmed in the progress tab of score, gg and thanks for the help troubleshooting!

Hopefully anyone who wants to complete the event finds this info here or on reddit, gg.

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That mean, it can’t be done in nomad, because to play nomad we still need a mod. So, this requirement is completely stupid and shows whoever made this challenge knows nothing about the game(rs). Nomad megarandom is the most popular setting for FFA, even for tournaments.

What a poor design…

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I was able to complete it by staying on the stat screen until the game was over. We started a game and everyone was supposed to leave at 11 min. Only 4 of us did though. A couple of the guys left the score screen. I left the score screen up and went to the store. When I got back I had the challenge done.

@Jergosurb You might be able to get it done with a mod. Stay on the score screen until the game is over.


I agree. Normally no one will hang on the score board that long, esp. a 8-player FFA.

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Hey, all. Leaving early is likely the culprit in why you’re not completing the challenge. Players cannot leave early and must remain in the match observing until the final winner is decided.

This one requires 8 human players on 8 different teams (on the teams 1-8 or no team). There should be no mods active.

Yes, completely and in many ways.

Again, agreed. No self-respecting dev or dev team would intentionally be this out of touch with user/player experience to think designing a condition explicitly labeled “Last at least 10 min in a 8 players Free For All Multiplayer match”, then actually require the players to last 10 minutes and then sit around in the score screen at the mercy of whatever other randoms wanted to do with their time for the next x-minutes (for a normally played FFA8 15min+ wouldn’t be bizarre to expect as a split between first elimination and last, for example).

To expect that a player would wait or even think that is a requirement would be daft, at best.

I stand corrected.

SavageEmpire566, I’m going to - for the sake of saving you some face - assume you are a CM that’s not actually that close to the design side of things. Also, you’re a bit late to the party. More than 2 days ago the user Tecmoman brought the info that the players had to wait until match completion in the score screen for progress to be tracked correctly.

Followed by two users verifying that one could get completion by doing so. So thanks for confirming, but we figured it out before you posted this less than 2.5-days before the event quest in question is over.

Additionally, please understand it is a very, very bad look to have designed things that way - apparently oblivious to the obvious design issues inherent to such a choice. Only then to come post up that it is clearly a user issue for leaving. We are talking people leaving after elimination, after all. In games that are by default set to to no “observing” after defeat, unless ticked on manually. This is at least 98% a design issue, and that’s being generous to the designers.

If you are having trouble following the issue in the design here, please go find and talk to your user experience department, or hire one - whichever is applicable.

Or message me in a direct message as then I could explain to you in detail the reason this design was terrible and rebut whatever issues you may have. I am peripherally embarrassed for the devs now and would prefer to handle things elsewhere if you need my assistance - where you can’t embarrass yourselves further.

Anyways, thanks to the player community for getting an answer in a timely manner. Hopefully the devs can use this as a learning experience to push out something a little less obviously flawed next time.