Taking control of the AI

So now, you can control AI players by using the Ctrl+Maj+F keys shortcut (you could previously only control the AI in the first player slot of AI only games) I’ve tested it a bit in the first Tamerlane scenario and it’s quite fun (even if killing the civ you left control of is a bit easy because they are AFK, and also the AI is stubborn with its monk, scouting units and villagers)

It turns out I’ve noticed some weird stuff. For instance you can’t queue units or techs. If you double click fast enough you might queue 2 units at most and that’s it. Hotkeys can’t be used to bypass this.

Also, you can attack gaia units (and they will just try to escape) but you can’t convert them

And lastly, if the “former you” somehow manages to get control over gaia units, their behavior will be pretty random. Here, the scout the AI absolutely insisted to suicide in the now enemy base brought some enemies after it, who converted the 2 gaia tarkans and 2 light cavs. The former chased the LC like all other purple units, but the later refused to move , even when attacked.


Sounds like some craziness just implemented to allow devs to test things or for players to mess around with to the same extent as cheats?

Welp, I guess technically you could do all of that by loading the mission in the scenario editor, but it’s more accessible that way. Also, you could use that in a custom gamew here the AI players are “additional lives” for each human.

I’ve made an account just to ask, what the hell is MAJ in ctrl+maj+F?
I can’t find that button anywhere and i can’t believe it’s a typo right?
Please help!

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OOOOPS it was a mistake :sweat_smile:, it’s actually ctrl+shift+Fnumber

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please guide me how to control the other player unit in sceario map. i want to make a massive battle and i can control both of side to move all unit on the map

Use ctrl+shift+F2 (or F3 etc depending on the player). In the player settings make sure to check “personality: none” if you don’t want the AI to move its units when you don’t control them

why can’t I take control of 2 AIs the ctrl+shift+F2 and ctrl+shift+F6?

You can’t control multiple AIs simultaneously, and you can only do it in a single player gamemode with cheats enabled.

No as in I can’t take control of 2 AIs the ctrl+shift+F2 and ctrl+shift+F6 not at the same time
When I press either ctrl+shift+F2 or ctrl+shift+F6, it does nothing

Could you check whether you have a conflicting hotkey?

No conflicting hotkeys
I have check it

Thanks for pointing out this feature, because I had no idea this was even in the game! This would have been really useful when I was debugging the AI for my custom campaigns.