Taking too long time in new teamgames

after the new (12th July) patch, new gamerules upcoming in teamgames.

honestly new teamgames in a new version are taking too long time including large no exciting, enjoyable time.

Previously I suggested the 2nd landmark towncenter allowed in age3 with keeping old rules, anyway please remove the condition “to in-game players all landmarks”, new those condition should be removed in(from) teamgames.

opponents in my matches said the same opinion


I mainly play team games and at the moment I really like the change.

It forces you to focus on control rather than trying to rush in for a landmark snipe.

Aggression is still very viable and you can still effectively eliminate an opponent from the game by trashing their economy and production.

I really didn’t like where a lot of games were very predictable as the majority of games I would play resulted in the opposing team going for an all in rush against one opponent to try to eliminate them as quickly as possible. It’s sill possible to rush and outnumber a single player, but now you just need to keep in mind that they can still produce and if you haven’t destroyed their economy, then they can very easily pull it back.

I can potentially see a problem in turtle games where both teams are in imp, fully set up with trade, and have choke points covered on a massive map, but so far the longest game I played in a 3v3 was 1h which is not unreasonable.


This new feature totally breaks 4v4 team games. While it can be useful in 2v2 and maybe 3v3, 4v4 it’s a ■■■■ right now.

Just won a game that took like 1h and a half because we had to eliminate the whole landmarks to win. We were getting more map control over time, but they were settled behind a lot of stone walls and spamming units to just kill siege and trash units.

They also had a internal trade route, that obviously was impossible to reach because the amount of stone walls.

We as a team attacked in feudal and break two guys all landmarks, while the other ones were booming. Then they came in imperial and retook that zone we won in feudal aggression.

I don’t think this change is good… Yeah, in fact it avoids landmark snipe, but makes the game to last for more than an hour, and makes the people lazy defending. Neither is an interesant play, because when the game is at that point that you have the economy, you only need to spam units, no strategy on there…

“Why I must make defenses if I can just move my villagers behind my allies and continue booming, I will retake all getting fast imp…”


I still landmark sniped as mongol.

Dosnt really put an end to it. Some maps such as Lipany and High view, you can be extra sneaky with mongols. Move a barrack up behind enemie bases hide it in a backline stealth forest. Start building a few Maa over time, while you play normally and fight in the regular frontline.

Then set them to build at least 15 trebs or more depending on your econ. Devide them into group (1 for each opponent)
And you’ll quickly landmark snipe the opponents unless you have 1 map where 1 of the opponent/teammate is by himself at a corner far away from the others.

One just has to do it more differently and be more cordinated.
Not just a simple horseman mad dash.

But if you set up a sneaky hidden backline siege production. you should still be able to landmark snipe just fine if you keep the opponents distracted enough.

If you want the game to end shortly.
go for Wonder victory (Ask agree among the teammtes to all donate 1k resource to 1 of them, you should be able to hit Wonder about the same time as you hit imperial. if you have HRE on your team. Always make the HRE build the wonder, its pretty much a guarantee win on bottleneck maps if the HRE set up defensive and TC near it)

Alternativly is Relic victory. If you get early monks, having HRE or Dheli, you can easily set up for a late feudal into early castle age relic victory.

This is not only an issue against real players but also against AI’s, when you play solo against more of them together. It’s really umplayable.

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Team games don’t make any sense right now. An opponent can buy time while the rest boom, then those just sweep you away with absurd superiority both economic and military.

In RTS games there are three clear strategies: rush, boom and turtle. The rush beats the boom, the boom beats the turtle and the turtle beats the rush. Currently the boom cannot be beaten by the rush with this change (besides the nerf to the rams). You guys just screwed up team games.

  • I like the change
  • I don`t like the change

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I think they should go for the weakest or least strong player and really annihilate him so that even if he doesn’t leave the game it doesn’t influence anything, I think team games should play with friends connected by voice with discord, otherwise it will be a toxicity similar to League of Legends. On the other hand, the battering ram should cost less since it is less effective against the TC, in a few days I will do a survey

after eliminating some reference points (especially the TC) they must go through the sacred sites, there are 3, why would they not do it

They should revert this change, it doesn’t work good at all.
Team games are pretty much destroyed now.

If you lose your landmarks, defend them better. Otherwise get over it you lost a game, get back into it and try again to be better. Are you afraid of your landmarks being sniped? Work better as a team, as it is a team game. Your not supposed to defend it all by yourself.

I have mixxed feelings. In other hand it can give you comeback potential on very minor amount of games, but it also extends games more than it should.

I had ppl sticking in game because of this for 10-15mins even tho the game was clearly over and they thought they could come back.

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Because sometimes the sacred sites, specially in megarandom and moreover in nomad, are not well distributed.

In megarandom a sacred site can spawn near an enemy base in a spot with bad accesibility.

I think we will start to see more turtling+wonder in the next days.

If rushing is no longer an option, the only alternative is to turtle/boom and put a wonder. In a 4v4 team game putting a wonder and tons of stone walls, while not being eliminated if you entire base is burnt… We will return to the old times where everybody just built tons of stone walls and wonder, but now they don’t need to defend their landmarks, just the wonder.

there are few maps with a sacred place near the base as a high view, if that is a problem, ban those maps, that is already possible, do not play mega randomly, the vast majority of maps have the sacred sites in the center or only 2 sites sacred, problem solved. If it’s really a problem you can request that team games have no more than two sacred sites, but for now ban the maps, note: wonders will cost more depending on the number of players

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that team games have no more than two sacred sites

  • no more than two holy sites
  • without changes

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I’m enjoying the changes lol

Do not play megarandom? Dude, right now megarandom is the most exciting map to play.

Everybody knows what to do exactly in all the other maps, but megarandom. French pass? I must take the pass. Bay? I must take the pass and the sea. Mongolian heights? I must secure the river.

I stopped playing these maps because the games were all the same thing over and over again. I am only playing megarandom right now because makes every game unique, and you need to adapt to every situation every game.

Is not problem solved… Right now I can just hide my gold and food villagers (as mongol) while my team mates are getting smashed because they will not get eliminated, then make 100 imperial knights and burn the entire base of all the players in front, because if they are fighting they will not be at imperial and will not have enough resources to attack and settle a good defensive base.

See? They probably changed this to avoid lanmark snipe but they introduced another problem, right now you don’t need to play as a team…

In a game yesterday a dude that got all his base and landmarks destroyed, got inside their allies base and was spamming scouts to burn our bases. Awesome.

A good solution to this problem could be a timer. If you got all your landmarks down, you have 5-10-15 minutes, whatever, to at least repair a landmark or you will be eliminated. This way you force allies to work as a team if don’t want to get his allie eliminated, but the guy that smashed has a chance to retake their base.

Imagine you got sniped while your army is in other place (a common problem of the famous horse snipe), then you can return your army to your base and secure it to don’t get eliminated.

imo entire landmark victory condition is a mistake, it solves a smaller problem (people refusing to quit when they clearly lost) by creating few bigger ones (entire team game situation, sniping to kick people out going rampant, taking away almost any chance of rebuilding elsewhere on the map and so on)


Do people not build wonders in team games? If seems like it’d be the go-to strat, especially with resource sharing.

This is so true for me. Every game I hope I get megarandom because its ■■■■■■■■ exciting to have completely different map every time. You will not know what you find.


it pretty much is. It forces the opponent to play aggressive. and puts a fixed time for the game to end.

usually game always ends either by the defenders being able to defend.
Or when the opponent team managed take out the wonder. The defenders usually quit.
To sement this victory condition, one could secure the relic sites while pushing for the wonder. Or alternatively building a wonder yourself.

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So play custom, I only play custom when I want team game, then quick match when I want 1v1.