Tanking elo due to terrible allys

rank 768 to rank 2200 due to loss streak with the same ally… blocked him, told him to wait a while to queue… alt f4ed and i still get him every game…

I guess no1 play 2v2 so you get the same people everytime

don’t play 2v2 then, easy

With lowered ELO you’d encounter opponents that are weaker than you now, and it’s easier to climb back up, I don’t see where the problem is.
From my experience it usually takes 1~3 minutes to queue for a game, if you don’t want to team with the same guy shouldn’t that be very easy? Just do something else and come back after 5 minutes, that should be enough time for him to join another game.

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You dont see the problem in tanking 250 elo? are you mad?

Youre obv a low elo player so dont have a clue… its super hard to climb random 2v2

I’m around 1100, lower than you but not exactly “low elo player”. My 4v4 elo was 1180 initially, then dropped all the way to 1030, ranking 2500 dropped to 10000, later I climbed back to 1100. That’s because the first 10 rounds were used to determine your initial elo, when you win too much in the first 10 rounds, the game could give you a higher elo than your actual level. That’s why I think dropping elo is a natural thing to happen.

Will this not all reset when ranked is here. Plus when people have no way to glitch bugs for an advantage.

On the AoE Discord it’s really easy to find someone new who will team with you.

no one cares about Team Games.
They delisted my thread :frowning:
No one cares
There are no TGs because one can loose and the last one will win 1vs2. So dump.