Tarascans: (Purépecha Empire) In Concept and Practice

The Maya bonus (and “Fishing Productivity” resource) already works this way (natural fish as well as traps last longer). And its sufficiently differentiated from the Malay trap bonus by the latter’s much greater magnitude and lower startup costs. Most I would reduce this to is 35% or so, but applying it to both fish and traps maximizes its viability across maps and stages of the game.

That’s the point.
I get that mango duels are a constraint, and a lesser value there may be called for (although we already have Celts with a major advantage in that regard). But beyond that all of these can certainly be balanced.

Can’t please everyone. But it’s viable design space that’s worth looking into for people who believe there are more than 2-3 possible archer bonuses “left,” and I enjoy it.

Indeed, it’s a bit of a slow-starting civ that builds up to a decent lategame. The 1-dimensional armor bonus is strong but leaves a notable and persistent weakness to strong archer/CA civs. Eco is good in late game, but probably not S tier even there outside of trade.

Well, the future is made in doing things that haven’t been done yet. Anyways, I’ve said this is for the campaign I’m working on. Which is appropriate if one wishes to make a historical representation of a period prior to the availability of anachronistic tech. (E.g. you could make a Mapuche civ with cavalry availability, but it would be goofy if those appeared in historical pre-contact situations, like the battle of the Maule). For those earlier scenario/campaign cases, it’s reasonable to compensate them with an alternative tech or bonus. The originally proposed UT is still valid for hypothetical MP purposes, and period-appropriate scenarios.