Tariq 1 is just an awful level

i have played every single one of the campaigns and by far the worst of them is tariq 1. while the whole tariq campaign is pretty bad tariq 1 is the worst of them. it was terrible in hd edittion and unlike the forgotten campaigns didnt receave any reworks. i think its far past time the devs to go back to tariq espetialy tariq 1 and rework it like they have for many of the other campaigns

Wait until you do Tariq 4, that one was really unbearable :laughing:

oh i have i have played all of tariq many times but i personaly consider tariq 1 way worse then tariq 4.
they are both awful levels. however tariq 4 is much less braindead and you dont face off against infinite unit spam. its very tricky but its not as bad as tariq 1

I completed Tariq but it was some good time ago and I don’t remember anything about it. What was so bad in it? lol

Tariq 1 and 4 are just pure garbage. The other three are good.

The entire campaign requires you to have nerves of steel on hard since the AI has infinite resources…Absolute slogfest…