Tatar Team bonus doesn't affect Arambais

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  • Build: latest
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: LOSER4ever

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Used the Advanced Genie Editor to know that Tatar Team bonus doesn’t affect Conquistadors class. Okay I get, Conquistadors are gunpowder units, but Arambais are not. Naturally also Arambais have too less LOS.

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Checked out the official dataset by Advanced Genie Editor

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Arambais are not traditionally tagged as a cavalry archer. They just have the cavalry archer armor class, to make them weaker vs skirms and camel archers, same as conquistadors. They are just a ranged cavalry unit, not even affected by fletching upgrades, only by ballistics.


Exactly, similar to Hand Cannoneers who have archer armor but are not archers.

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If you are saying this, it means they must be similar to mamelules, that is doing melee damage at range, but clearly they do not.

They do pierce damage : archer type unit
And also they are mounted : so they should be cavalry archer

And if you are saying them similar to Conquistadors, then they must be created faster when allied with Turks, no?

Why do you have to put units in stereotypes. Every unit can be different. So what if it has pierce damage? it can be special. And if you wanna say arambai are gunpowder sure lol

ehhh…nothing of what you are saying makes any sense to me