Tatar team strat

You are Tatar.

You send one of your villagers to an ally city. And put him to work on wood or something.

Everytime the ally needs to kill a sheep, your villager kills it instead. More food for your ally!

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Sounds good doesn’t work. Your ally would probably be on his fourth fifth sheep or even boar by the time you can afford to send your extra vill. Then there’s the micro and APM in the age where you’ve to work by the seconds


Maybe in lombardia, cause of the starting positions

It doesn’t work. The bonus is “Tatar shepherds collect 50% more food”, not “Herdables contain +50% food”.


So, in lombardia, a frank_tatar duo may exchange their sheeps and berries.

Or maybe the tatar player could give a boar to a mongol olayer in exchange of sheep.

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I think that the sheep die with more food

It won’t. But feel free to try it out.

This Tatar bonus is similar to the Mayan eco bonus.
Your villager get 3 food from the dead sheep but the dead sheep loses only 2 food, which means you get extra food by 50% from the livestock animal.

Your allies can only get 2 food from sheep while the sheep loses 2 food, no any influence.


This strat wouldn’t work due to what TriRem explained.

but you could try some other fun strats:

  • Have a teuton ally which creates a few farms for every1 in the team, due to his farms costing 40% less

  • if you have for example a briton/tatar and a mongol. you could swap resources. the mongol guy gets 4 boars, and the briton guy gets 16 sheep (not necessarily all of them, but you could easily swap 4 sheep for 1 boar)

edit: nvm I didnt see that Jokerpenguin wrote earlier basically the same thing I wrote now 11, but oh well…

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This is usual in forums . And i did not think about teutons giving farms for everyone :wink: