Tatars 26+2 Drush FC into CA

So after the update I saw someone post a Tatars 23+2 FC into CA build (I will post the link later, I don’t have time now) and decided to improvise and ajusted it with a Drush to try to inscrease it’s viability in more open maps.

Since Tatars sheep have more food and now you get 2 extra you delay building farms more than any other Civ (don’t quote me on that) so you don’t need to invest in much wood early. Combined with the fact that you can only build CA in Castle you don’t need the extra ressources from the common Drush FC into Crossbows build order since you won’t start to build your numbers until you Castle.

This build is not optimized to perfection. I’ve spent quite a few hours and made douzens of tweeks on it but I’m sure there are some changes that could be made since I’m no pro player. I just wanted to share and see your thoughts.


What is the difference between this build and the normal drush into FC? They are the same as i see

They are quite similar yes, but you reach Castle Age 2 villagers sooner than the normal Drush FC.


thanks for sharing, a few odd things like you have vils going to berries and luring the boar (the same vil)

like the other buildthis seems very susceptible to counter attack with the now incredibly common open maps… either way nice to see people taking advantage of the sheep

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Thanks for the feedback. The village tasking problem you referred it’s just a written mistake on my part. I will correct it, thanks for noticing. I meant to say 2 new villagers to berries and then pick a villager from boar to lure the 2nd boar.

I haven’t played enough yet to see it’s efficiency on open maps but you are probably right when you said you can be vulnerable, especially if your Drush doesn’t succeed. Although my point with build would to delay enemy’s Feudal rush so you can counter it with Castle age units

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Yeah makes sense. But that would change the vil numbers and thus delay the build order. You would need at least 1 to 3 vils to wall up. I mean magyar can reach your base with scouts at something insane like 23 vils or something around there

Looks good! Only things that I wondered about: Since you are using all your gold for drush+loom I’d put 4 on gold ( I imagine otherwise you might lack some gold after the 2 vils in feudal). And although you don’t put down farms very early, I’d still include horse collar. I figure the farms after the initial 3 are made only after clicking to castle, right?

If you only start walling after clicking up to feudal (a bit risky though) you should still be able to pull that build off. Heavy aggression from your opponent will obviously delay you. Although you reach castle somewhat earlier than other civs do you don’t even have archers to defend in feudal so you’ll need a wallable map anyways.

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Thanks. I get your point, but I’ve run it a couple of times and it seems 3 on gold is enough to get the 200 and going castle after 2 extra villagers on Feudal, unless you use them to build walls or houses in the meantime.

I presume he will 1st have to deal with your militia before going aggressive, or you can still use them to defend.

You can use your wood villagers to wall all your base after clicking feudal and have enough wood for your feudal age buildings. But you have to have in mind that it will be harder to have the wood and farms upgrades plus 2 archery ranges and some extra wood for farms and enough for 2 CA by the time you hit Castle age, so you have to prioritize what you really want. That’s why I didn’t choose to put Horse collar as mandatory.

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