Hey guys,
so I tried to do a taunt mod for AoE III DE, but I had many problems doing it and some are still open. I hope you guys can help me to solve these problems.

1.)After I’ve changed all sounds to .wav , I’ve put them into a folder and copied the folder into the mods senction like this:
path: Games > Age of Empires 3 DE > 76561198236311280 > mods > local > sounds > taunts > the different sounds (.wav files)

Sadly it didn’t worked so easy and I’ve tried to put it into the sounds to maybe make them work for me but after I gave them the different numbers, it still didn’t worked and the game didnt accept it.
path: Dieser PC > Volume (E:) > Steam > steamapps > common > AoE3DE > Game > Sound >localised > Taunts > the different sounds (.wav files)

So, I tried to see how others did it, but it went nowhere. I’ve downloaded a mod, to see how he did the files. But I don’t know how he did it, because I was only seeing the final files, which were normal .wav files, like I had. He also didn’t had any others files in the folders. So I went on checking Youtube Tutorials, but sadly there were only tutorials for AoE2 or the legacy version of AoE3. I tried to find same files, because I hoped they just copied it, like they mostly did in the scenario editor, but sadly I was wrong.

Does anyone know, how to make the files compatible with the original AoE3 DE files?

Thanks for your help,