Taverns and monasteries suggestions


Here’s some suggestions for taverns/monasteries.

  1. bump build limit to 3 (there is no reason not to)
  2. Put an upgrade in industrial age that shuffles the available mercs at random, for 2000 gold (available to all civs). This upgrades replaces the random map mercs with others (civ specific mercs remain)
  3. Allow all civs to get access to mercs (like native americans for example).



I think the Merc Randomness should be revisited so there isn’t as much overlap.

Like times when you get Jat Lancers and Elmeti in the same game.


I was about to suggest that.
Or make it an option that can be used infinitely with a cooldown and increasing cost.

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My suggestion, there is always:

  1. Age 3 Infantry
  2. Age 3 Cavalry
  3. Any Age 4 Mercenary

You can still have unlucky combinations like the Age 4 unit having the same type as one of the Age 3 ones but it’s not too bad.
Also you always have 2 different mercenaries in Age 3 than can never be the same type.

Also I think every civilisation should get a unique Tavern card that:

  1. Ships a Tavern wagon (+1 Tavern limit too)
  2. Unlocks a civilisation specific mercenary
  3. Improves mercenaries a little (price, training time, HP or attack)

(Monasteries for Asians)


The original tavern card that enables ronin should be changed to do this.
Back in the days where there weren’t many mercs (or more efficient merc mechanics like Swedes, etc.), Ronin is probably that one “super unit” that everyone would need. Now that card is very underwhelming, and the one building limit is also outdated with the new civs.

Dance Hall or Theatres whatever it’s called now…Yeah that makes sense, shipping the Tavern would give it the tempo to be worth it to ship if nothing else.

And the types mercs they should enable would be the same as mercenary contractor () and for those who don’t get age 3 contractor they should fill a gap and/or make sense based on their history.

Does this also work for my inventory of useless things? :rofl: