TC automatic produce villagers

In the first twenty minutes of the game ,everyone will uninterrupted produce farmer.
i think giving tc an automatic villagers building bottom could make a better gaming experience.


I totally disagree. Making vills nonstop is a skill u need. U have 40s idle time, well now u 2 villagers behind and well deserved. As well as closing the possible strategies of going for an all in with very sharp timings to counter popular builds with an all in. Completely disagree on this. What’s the point of getting good at a build order or a civ when larry49 playing for the 4 time looking up a guide on YouTube can do just as well as u because the game does it for him. Furthermore, getting into the habit of making vills is a fundamental skill of RTS. Macro your micro and the spare time u use to micro your units, not the other way around. And if someone has more spare time to micro their units than they should be more efficient than u because they can spend their attention better than u can, and they deserve that advantages because they practiced for it that makes it meaningful to get good.


No, thanks.

That’s a skill you need to develop. Being responsible for constant vill production is a skill that’s actually a gamechanger, this should not be altered.


Hey look, if you treat this game as a fresh start, why not consider adding this feature? Otherwise we have AoE II

I agree with this proposal. The less tedious the better.

I get your idea, I really do, it would be something interesting, but most strategy games players, at least those with experience in AoE or Starcraft, see the villagers production or “droning” as a celebrated skill. Maintaining that production whilst being attacked too.
It’s not something hard to do, but easy to forget.
I think it’s too deeply rooted in the strategy games gameplay to be removed.

Plus, how annoying would be age I.

I gotchu man. Here is my take on it:

Firstly, when there is less focus on economy, there will be more focus on military.

The majority of viewers LOVE seeing armies clashing, one build counters another build, picking and counter picking villagers. This is where the game can be very attractive for the audience. Something that makes SC games “easy to watch” is the focus is more on military, and since we’ve been talking about WC, SC, AoM pros coming over to IV, along with their viewers, might as well do something to make them stay.
Auto queue villies will simplify IV’s eco for sure, but still has more depth than SC’s eco. I think we should make military to eco ratio be 60:40 and this is one way to do it.

Secondly, there are players who are more on the casual side, people who don’t play video games for a living.
Making it available only for Villager production can bridge the gap between casual, medium and pro players while keeping other aspects of the game unaffected.

At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We could just make it a lobby option like “display score”, and let the community decides.


I agree, believing the game is supposed to be more focused on strategic level rather than things that can be done by robot. In the age of AI, nor do we need such skill of HQQQQ, just automate it. Also, this lowers the entry requirement for new players, so more people for the community. I played RTS for many years, and I just think such tradition is obsolete. At least adding an “auto-production” button, will not hurt.