TC Focus now

I think this change is actually quite useful and good. I am pretty sure this not working was also not intended by the devs but this is just a presumption.

All in all it is still VERY viable to do a feudal ram push with archers and/or other units. Just dont go for the tc - go for houses, woodline, towers, production buildings and literally everything else. Your opponent HAS to react otherwise he will lose too many buildings and he will most likely lose some villagers anyway. This puts you ahead and you can boom or tech behind this. Maybe an ALL-IN ram push is not as succesfull as before but even this can still work.

I mean come on guys it was just weird that the TC was only targeting the ram (which it could not really damage) when the whole population got wiped out by archers and other units.

With this the devs actually stay on the same road as with the delhi sanctity change: this strategy was too strong and other options (especially for english and ad) were almost never used. Now they can still go for all sacred sites as delhi (now in feudal) or for a ram push as english or ad but the game is more open to other ways.


Great change. I’ve been waiting for this since the game was released well done.


Can someone please test this and confirm it was really changed??


I ve tried now and didint get target the support, so i dont know. A bug?

It shouldn’t do that automatically it should act like an outpost, means you only can target yourself with right clicking the support yourself, have you tried this that way?

ive just tried this vs AI and it didnt seem to work, TC wouldnt shoot what i told it to.

tested with villagers inside the TC?

Guys I think this is fake news, too many people can’t reproduce this.
Plus I’ve asked Demuslim and he said he couldn’t do that as well.

Please try to test with vills in the TC if you can…

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I always assumed I would be able to focus fire the TC, never have been able to. Stopped trying.

Did some testing, New (non-landmark) TCs are now the only ones that can’t choose their target. Keeps and landmark TC can.

The automatic targeting is closest target as with other units.

Two questions:

  1. Capital TC is the one that can or can’t target?
  2. If you put vills it still can’t target?
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Your capital TC can now target (with or without vills in) any unit in range.
Tested vs an AI, could target units all the way.

I don’t think you tested it well, tested couple of minutes ago and it’s surly changed, I can easily target whatever I choose.

Waiting to fight versus Feudal all ins as a win/loss are not the same thing. You trying to cheese every single player you play at the 8 minute mark is actually boring.

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if they change that
they need to reduce the damage…

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Playing aggressive is NOT cheese.
Normally you should also not wait till 8min, you should, as soon as you got like 4 archer try to kill vills outside TC range.
Got basically nothing to do with cheese, it is like playing scouts or man at arms in aoe2, 0% cheese 100% early aggression.

No one wants to play or watch games which go 15min passive before something happens.
And if fast castle would become the standard then devs would simply rebalance to make aggression in feudal age more rewarding. In a perfect world you want aggression from min 5 till the game ends.


All in ram rush with bowman that have no counter from over half the civs is cheese. I’ve stopped you people a few times and after you lose that push, you all quit. Its cheese ball, and you know it. Its not aggressive play, its one trick pony trash.

I would prefer to reduce the range to make early raiding and harassment a bit easier.

Then that one civ you are obviously talking about needs to be looked at and not the strategy itself.

I can do an archer + ram push with mongols, english, abasid, same result.
But on the other hand, everyone can defend it, without exception, get double archery range or range + stable and defend it, done.

You are the cheese. The fact you are suggesting a player shouldnt have control over their defenses proves it. When the only way to stop a bowman rush is to build more bowman and also deal with a 30 ranged armor ram push, the game has an issue. “Pull your vills!” Silly defending this strategy.