TC Focus now

In aussie vid TC fires longbow instead Rams. They didint mention in patch, is intended or a bug?


Someone has tested It by their own? Thats a crítical meta change… :confused:

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I think this is a good change. I go battering-ram all-in almost every game as English but I think this change is good for the game.

And you can still hide units inside the ram.


I think its horrible, its harder penalize Fast Castle or 2 TC open. Wait to fight to Castle age sounds Boring…



I don’t think it kills rams entirely - see the above game for how they keep coming.

But I think it is going to destroy a 10-15 archer+ram 8ish minute attack while your opponent has nothing because they Fast Castled, or are behind due spending resources on 2nd TC etc.

Obviously if you turn up a few minutes later later with say 30+ archers and 2-3 rams, the fact the TC will kill a few archers isn’t going to matter if your opponent has nothing. But I mean… they shouldn’t.

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It’s fascinating how much balance can be determined by altering things such as this.
Anyways, the spear ram is dead, long live the archer ram.


Nope, all RAM push is dead. TC has more Range even a longbow, so It always would atack the RAM support. And when RAM support is dead or far away, vilagers kill y/o repair RAM.
Its useless now, 2tc / fast Castle new era.
For me… thats a bad approach, they are continue making bad balance decisions.


I have not seen this behavior yet, at least vs AI I can not reproduce this. So it is either about one can manually change the target or it was some sort of glitch, since the TC does NOT automatically switch target, it will take the closest one.

But if this would be the default behavior now, it would indeed move the whole gameplay to a 2tc start or fast castle start. Basically there would be no way you get away with a feudal ram push vs a 2 TC start.


This is a really good change and I hope we could do the same with towers.
Nothing more annoying than having your tc or towers wasting arrows on a ram. It makes defending such a pain.


You can aim with towers from day 1.


Well, that change is quite bad since it makes early ram pushes useless. They made the rams weaker which was totally okey, but together with this change they overdid it by a lot.

It would force you to a 2TC or fast castle build, ram pushes would simply be not viable anymore.


But not with TCs, those autotargeted the closest target

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I know, but he was talking about towers.

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The fact is that invalides RAM strat. To Nerf strats viable i think its always a mistake… balancing is a thing, make the Game lineal and previsible is not…

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It is still viable but u just gotta have more units or garrison them in the ram, it also has more risk. Ram pushes were simply taking away the option for most civs to go for a 2nd tc while others could still do the 2tc build and hold the push with no problems. There are several ways to deal with 2tc build which can be going for 2nd tc yourself or lots of raids and deny ressources. It also just doesn’t make sense that it would fire at a ram when it resists arrows instead of units around it.

Who ever tried to garrison and ungarrison units from rams knows what a mess that is. And it would also mean archers would be useless, since you need to have them at your ram, so someone defending with horsemen could instant attack your archers.

Someone on youtube also mentioned that this could even lead to scouts being abused even more, so scout tech would be seen more, scouts would just be sent into the tc to kill units and get ungarrisoned to kill rams.

It would 100% move the meta to 2tc or fast castle, got no doubt about that. A handful scouts or other units would be enough to defend, together with vills in the tc.

And you say it yourself “going for a 2nd tc yourself”, well there we go with no ram pushes anymore. You can not deny nor raid a 2TC build. You can only ram it.

But lets assume this change is fine, then the other question is, why nerf ram speed and health on top (which, by its own is a rly good change imho) ?

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Well, on that video early aggression still paid off, Rus fast castle imo is harder to punish than 2 tc build.
Also remember that 2nd TC can only garrison 10 vills which makes it significantly weaker. Obviously going for capital tc is much harder now, which means if ppl go for all in trying to snipe all of the landmarks it won’t work, you should be doing some eco or looking to age up behind the push. If the oponent puts 2tcs very close to each other than you can deny map control and access to ressources.
Idk why ppl are so obsessed with just trying to end the game early instead of enjoying it. Although i guess ppl also don’t wanna have to deal with 30min of springald spam all the time


Indeed noone wants age of spingar… and some civs are feudal-oriented and others late game-oriented. They r now fixing all to go late game. No good …

On that video that RUS player had 425 wood at 7min without building any military building, that alone punished him there. He saw the archers for like 1 1/2 min before he did anything instead of just throwing down a stable or archery range.

Well, I don’t think aggro play is dead. Its definitely much harder now, aggressive play can still pay off to deny ressources and kill and iddle vills but all ins are definitely much more risky now. But I don’t think that what makes the strategy viable is the TC retardly wasting arrows on a ram that it can’t kill instead of focusing on units that it can kill.