TC monument should give a small bonus when you play

Wouldnt it be cool if the TC monuments that you unlock by playing the campaign give you some type of bonus, nothing crazy but lets say the ship monuments gives ships +1 movement and cost 10 less wood, or the training dummy gives you -2s when creating infantry.

I think its a cool feature to add to the game, given that you can change it anytime before the game starts, it would let you plan a strategy depending on which monument you pick, and it would also encourage players to play the campaign mode to unlock these monuments.

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I see your point, which is to reward players for their achievements, but I do believe it wouldn’t be healthy for an RTS like AoE 4.

The premise of every match is that players start from a very similar ground (if not equal, with TC +6 vills + scout), and have to follow very similar rules, which only change due to civ picks. If more rules change due to monuments or other elements, you start to get a lot of combinations that, when added up, can unbalance a lot of other aspects of the game.

For example, a wood discount on ships, even a small one, can add up to such a big discount on civs with small archer ships, like Mongols, Delhi and Abbassids. Or -2s when creating infantry can be such a big boost for HRE, due to having 3 options of infantry to choose from, and China, which could supervise a barracks and reduce even further their already very low training times.

What I mean is that the game already have a lot inside the matches, and adding out-of-game advantages would make things even harder to balance than they are now.


Honestly, we need an arcade

Don’t hold your breath, but the map editor and mods will come, someday