Team bonus

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In AOE2 each civilization has team bonus.

Do you think there should also be team bonus in AOE4?

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I say yes. Something that encourages teamwork, but not too impactful.
For instance, each Delhi sacred site also produce 10/20/40 gold/min in age 2/3/4 for teammates, so that the teammates have an incentive to help the Delhi player to control the sacred sites.
Teammates of a Chinese player get a small speed/hp bonus when the Chinese player is in the Yuan/Ming dynasty.
English and Mongol towers provide a small buff to teammates’ units similar to the network of castles, and the Yam network.
French player’s team’s trader units trade 5% more efficiently, or maybe the players can send resources to each other with less tax.
Abbasid house of wisdom gets more fire armor depending on the number of teammates alive, or Abbasid’s teammates can train camel archers at double the cost.


Great suggestions. It would be awesome if we would have such team bonuses for AOE4 and of course team bonuses for later added civilizations.

I think it is not a big thing to implement but makes team games even more fun.

When I read the title I though “cool, but how could they do it in a balanced way without adding in new mechanics?”

But your suggestions are actually really good, and seem like they’re fairly well balanced. It would need player testing on some kind of PUP, but I like the idea.

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