Team Bonuses in AoE3DE

Hi all,

AoE3 team cards are supposed to be in lieu of the team bonus feature from AoE2. However, improvement team cards can sometimes be underwhelming so people may not send them that much. So, I came up with a list of team bonuses in AoE3 that come into play in any team game.

NOTE: team bonuses only apply once for each different civ in a team. A team with 2 french players won’t get the team bonus twice. This promotes diverse civ selection in the lobby.

So, here goes:

Spanish: Everyone starts with a loyal war dog. Treasure guardians beware.

British: Your first house after each age up spawns one villager, courtesy the Virginia company.

French: Commerce Age cavalry/shock infantry 5% cheaper.

Dutch: Factories produce 5% more coin.

Portuguese: Town centers cost 400 wood, so you can afford them better.

German: Everyone starts with 2 of their vils replaced by a settler wagon. Mercenaries cheaper by 5%

Russian: Barracks support 10 pop.

Ottoman: Artillery +1 LOS

Swedish: Heavy infantry move slightly faster.

Maltese: Defensive buildings have 10% extra hp near walls.

Italian: Church techs cost 10% less.

USA: Mass production means artillery trains faster by 5%.

Mexican: Mills can slowly produce cows when villagers are working on them.

Aztec: 10% extra XP on unit kills if explorer is around.

Inca: Upto 5 infantry can garrison in outposts and forts if the building has at least 80% hp remaining. Garrisons improve the attack of the building by 2% for each soldier.

Lakota: 5% faster hunting

Haudenosaunee: Skirmishers have +1 range but -1 ranged attack.

Ethiopian: Abuns teach all friendly healers how to heal during combat

Hausa: Building a TC, religious building and trading post in close proximity improves XP trickle by 15%. We just have to make do without a university.

Indian: Mughal architects improve building construction time!

Japanese: Gather faster from berries and mills by 10% but huntables have lower yield. Sakura festival for everyone!

Chinese: Houses cost 10% more wood but provide +2 extra pop space. The village life!

Let me know what you guys think!


Bad idea. I always hate aoe2 team bonus….that make specific civ paired with certain civ in team strong…and you can’t have two same civ in team because you lose one team bonus and nobody want that. I kinda hate team cards too because some of them are op like team spahi, team tokala, team Tc etc. but still better than aoe2 design.

And also, dutch: factory produce more coin…RIP no factory civs


Team shipment is already one kind of bonus, no need to have extra default one.


Team shipments are superior in every way to AOE2 style team bonuses. There’s no need to bring this mechanic into AOE3, as it already has a better version.


Shipments already do the same and are more efficient since you can pick the cards you need or want.
However, some of your ideas seem fun. I think it’s going to be interesting if we get some as free cards though lol.

If you wanna see more team cards used maybe we can do that A team no shipping-units card doesnt count to card limit and maybe card per age limit.

About OP bonus:

  • Not everyone have factories or churches or artillery

  • Settler wagon working as fast as 2 settlers become the bonis useless as you are losing flexibility.

  • 10 pop per barrack is OP af. They would become 50 Wood more expensive.