Team color - Option

This should be in the game. Many people like different options for their team colors and I don’t see the reason why it couldn’t and shouldn’t be a part of the options menu.

It allows people that want darker colors and it allows people to have brighter colors. Some want a competitive experience and some want a more single player oriented one.


I think there was an interview where the devs confirmed that team colour customisation would be available so as to make the game more accessible to the colour blind. Maybe someone knows the video?


I was getting worried that Relic would do what they do in most of the RTS games they make and make it so that player 1 is always blue. Especially since every picture and clip i have seen the player is blue. It might seem like nothing but something bothers me about playing England in blue while fighting France in red! I hope we can select colours.


Btw I noticed that in the trailer the Devs assigned a color to every civ - just a funny detail. The Germans are gonna be Gray if it is the 8th color.

that would be awesome!

I want to revive this Thread, the current colors are not enough plus some civs doesnt match other colors. Yeah I’m Back.

Edit: Can’t find mods that do this color customization and I dont know how to create mod as well.

That is one revival indeed and I still agree with this being a good feature.

Also on the topic, I would appreciate some mods, that are purely cosmetic being available in MP.

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We are at the mercy of Devs and Modders. We cant do about it since we dont have the knowledge to made it I guess we have to wait. Thanks for your response.

I also support this idea, but I want to expand this option.

I would like this color customization for the Player Profile “COAT/Flag”.
Currently, the Coat of Arms/Flag has few colors… I want much more.


Yes I remember that in COH2 you can actually do that on tanks, it is possible i guess.

I’ve been ringing the color bell prettym uch since the first build I had a chance to test. I don’t have high hopes to see anything like that in the near future. Certainly not with big update ahead, and Relic in general being absorbed with CoH3 development.

But since we’re talking about team colors- I’m almost equally annoyed by color situation with cosmetic customization.
Yes this game has (overall IMHO pretty great) art direction and more defined in-game art style than AoE III, and I understand they might want game to be more cohesive visually and that requires more control, but… I really don’t like the presented, arbitrary color selection.

Primo- it’s the number of choices, secundo- included options. We get three shades of green or blue in a category, but can’t have light grey, dark grey? Not black? Not even white?! Come on.

Besides art direciton there might be other reasons like technical limitations or monetization (speaking in general about games, not IV specifically) but games like AoE III that gave huge freedom spoil people, and it’s kinda hard accept worse offer.

Or when it’s curated and controlled, I remember Warframe has amazing options. Just lo… just LOOK AT THAT!

Off-white sigil, emerald frame, two-tone graphite grey pattern/background, gold trim… a dream.


I didnt know that there were more colors for Coat of Arms heck even to edit it too. (ʘ ʖ̯ ʘ)