Team elo is not working

My brother and I play team ranked multiplayer games, 2v2, 3v3, and 4,4 together. I occasionally play team ranked games without him, but he doesn’t play team games on his own. When I play team games without him, I win more than half of my games, maybe 60% or so, maybe a bit more. When we play together, we have a win rate of around 37%. My win percent is around 46% in team games (overall, as I win lots when I don’t pay with him), his win percentage is 37% in team games (because he doesn’t play team games without me).

When we play team ranked games (2v2,3v3,4v4) together, we lose so much that my brother does not want to play anymore. Why do we not win and lose half of our games when we play together, isn’t that what this elo system is supposed to do? Should we not drop down in the rankings when we lose to face people of our own skill level?

My team ranking is around 1900 and his team ranking is around 1800, so our average rating together is 1850. But we lose almost 2/3 of our games.

I understand that my playing team games without him is raising my elo, but why is his elo so high if, when he plays, he’s losing 63% of games?

His 1v1 player elo is around 950 btw. He wins/loses 50/50 when he plays 1v1. I just don’t understand how he can have a team elo of 1800 when he’s losing 63% of games.

What can we do?


Your assumptions are right. TG are bugged from the release of the game and the devs seems to not care at all about this issue.

For more info:

Hopefully a dev shows up very soon with the messages that they are going to fix their mess. Until that moment, there is no solution.

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There’s various factors that can determine the outcome of a match, if I just replace your brother with a friend of mine and age 2 with dota 2, then I will tell you that this friend of mine is so bad at the game that when I play with them we have a winrate of 33% over the course of hundreds of games, sometimes you can’t win alone, especially in teamgames you need to be on point.

My last game I was alone as Japanese vs Frank Paladin + Mongol siege + Mangudai, and I could not push them while my team mate could not or did not make military in time to deal with the only thing stopping my push the Mangudai.

If you fail to read the game properly that’s just inexperience, it’s not about the system being broken it’s about the gameplay in your case, but without having replays to exactly see what goes wrong it’s only speculation and nothing can be really pointed fingers at.

I feel your pain. I play 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4s with groups of friends with varying composition, all with a variety of Elos, and it is not easy to get balanced matches.

The reason for your problems is the following: The amount of Elo you win or lose in a team game is solely dependent on how your Elo compares to the Elo of the highest rated player on the opponents team. Since your Elo is higher than your brothers Elo, your brother always has significantly lower Elo than the highest rated player on the opponents team. As such, if your team wins, your brother gains lots of Elo, but if your team loses, he loses only a small amount of Elo. This is how you can lose 63% of your games while at the same time the Elo rating of your brother stays around the same value.

There is a solution, though: Only play team games with your brother. If you start only playing rated games with him, your rating will drop. Eventually, your Elo will be lower than your true skill and your brothers Elo will be higher than his true skill, and this will average out to give you balanced team games. If you want to play team games without your brother, too, you could use a smurf account.

EDIT: I think I did not put enough emphasis on the following point: Your team Elo is already lower than your true skill because playing with your brother makes you lose Elo. This is why you win so much when you play without your brother. But the price you pay for that is losing more when you play with him.

this is the only game I know that doesn’t distinguish between premade elo, and solo elo for team-games.

In starcraft 2 they are so extreme that you have like 7-8 different elo, 1v1, 2v2premade, 3v3 premade, 4v4 premade, and 2v2solo,3v3 solo, 4v4 solo.

Dota, LoL, CSGO, HotS, all make some changes for premades or parties.

In team games everyone consistently gets more points for winning than loses points for losing. Possibly, this happens because the game only takes into consideration the highest rating opponent in the enemy team. Therefore, the game frequently assumes you are matched against tough opponents (even though you are not), and rewards your victories with a lot of points.

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