Team ELO

Team ELO is clearly not working and something needs to be done. What? I don’t know, but I know what it looks like: a more appropriate team ELO as a result of your contribution and performance in team games. Poor performance should result in a disproportionate penalty-- not to stick it to the guy who gets pwned every game but, when it happens and happens often, their ELO adjustment needs to find a more appropriate and competitive opponent for that person going forward.

Length of matchmaking is a total non-issue at the moment. If I were to guesstimate some numbers for my experience I’d say fully 85% of my team games require me to carry 1, 2, or 3 allies against premades composed of foes approximately at or beyond my level. I’d wait a half hour just to avoid beeing teamed with people with whom victory was never possible.


Something seems really off to team game ratings. I made my own thread too about this subject. Team Elo isnt accurate at all. That makes matches pretty unfair.

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Glad its not just me with yet another complaint. One thing I can see is the system is simultaneously egalitarian and progressive. Neither one of those things is “good”.

Egalitarian – when you win, everyone wins; when you lose, everyone loses. In this category we can inventory most of our problems. When someone d/c’s, the whole team has to resign. When someone get’s rolled, the whole team tends to lose. Egalitarian/utilitarianism is a non-sense philosophy in life, and doubly so in games.

Progressive-- the highest rated player faces a greater exposure, and will receive as compensation the smallest share of the points. When someone gets carried in a big win, they’ll get a lot of points (i.e., the primary inflationary force skewing team elo). When a carried player drives a loss for their team, they lose relatively little of their inflated ELO. Progressive system’s are carnival houses of inequity; its presence in a “fun” environment is depravity.

I presume resetting the ladder ratings is off the table? Given that it was messed up for so long by a calculation error of the teams elos, it doesn’t seem like the wrong thing to do, although I’m sure it’d probably annoy too many people.

If the devs had a match history list for every player in principle you’d think you could try and recalculate/readjust the ratings of players, although even in that case it could take far too long.

Maybe some kind of rescaling? Squash all the ranks toward the middle/average but try to keep the ordering?

At this moment resetting is not a solution:

  • Everyone needs to play again 10 matches, which can be really one sided.
  • The current issue seems not solved (even source is still unknown), so the team Elo still be skewed and the average will again inflate.

You can have a look at your history at If a third party can make such thing, the dev also need to be able. Recalculation everything is pretty straight forward and dont need to take too long. But this can only be helpful if thing what currently went wrong is fixed.

This seems also not really an option. Everything can be scaled, so the graph of all Elo seems great. But it will still drift away. So over some months it is again inflated and skewed. So this is also not really a solution for me.

This was already always the case. Even at Voobly or HD. At least the progressive part. The Egalitarian part is new for DE. On HD and Voobly if you dont survive to the end, you will lose the game. This can be because you already resigned early, you can also desync, be defeated, … Also in the case of an early desync, most players would agree for save and exit. This option doesnt exist anymore (i dont know why).

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