Team game balance

Does dev know the team game balance is totally mess due to greedy boom?

From previous balance patches we know the dev cares treaty balance, but whether team game balance is in consideration?

Just curious, don’t expect anything.

Simply play aggressive civs and don’t let others boom. Inca, france, japan are very good at stopping booms. Team games are as balanced as they can be, assuming the problems this game has with 1v1 balance.

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It is totally different…but I don’t wanna argue with you here. It is meaningless, I am just curious does dev consider.

Read this post and poll may give you an idea, although it is old post, balance didn’t adjust according to team game. If you still can’t get it, you can try to use aggressive civ to play 4v4.

So in effect your problem is with japan, not team games in general.

I found that booms are generally easy to deny in team games. If your entire team coordinates an attack against the boomer, it is almost guaranteed win.

Before you taunting my problem is Japan, there was another guy taunting my problem is Sweden. You can see the post talked about Sweden if you have time.

However almost half year has passed, everything should say has said, most of guys I know have left this game and it is hard for me to play a team game now, so I don’t expect anything more because useless.

Figure shows the truth, if you insist they are fine and no problem is just showing you don’t want them to be nerfed because that will affect you.

Japan and Sweden are TOP team civ have much higher rate than other civs.
As topic said, the problem is greedy boom, that can make Dutch as known is weak in 1v1 can be strong in team game too. That’s not all of your team 4 guys pick an aggressive civ can easily solve.

There isnt that many cards in terms of booming that really affect your teams mates significantly in treaty games. The Japan one could be brought down to 5% or maybe just leave it at 8% and not be a team card, the civ is tier 1 in all treaty times, so it could be changed. Think the next most powerful one is maybe the Brit cow boom card, but thats pretty niche and Brit is in a good place for treaty I think. Dont think there are any others that are as strong? I know theres some fish ones but treaty games dont really play on water maps. I wouldnt exactly call it a mess…

Greedy boom doesn’t need many cards, Dutch also need extra shipment for banks and they are still strong in team game.
Treaty is treaty, team is team, they are different, in that poll has separated them.
Team map is much bigger for moving every time; You need to have all teammate to rush with you; Front base is too far to get army shipment; etc.

Don’t mix 1v1 or treaty playstyle into team game.

I thought you were talking about treaty exclusively. Your English is hard to understand tbh, sorry.

Yes, English is different from my language system.
Made clear is ok.
I am not going to discuss which civ is OP or not because that poll post I shared has information already.
I am just curious team balance was in dev’s consideration or not.