Team game is SH#T if we don't have stronger deterrence for people who quits half way through

Like title. Team games are saturated with quitters! It’s fine if you wanna quit, but it’s unfair to the remaining team mates, when you leave after losing like 3 villagers to knights.

People who quits but their team won afterwards still got ELO awarded. Some people quits in 20mins while the game goes on for another 20 mins; those ones got the same ELO reward/penalty regardless of how ■■■■■■ / toxic that behavior is. Like, wtf is this? Are we communists now?

We need to make sure people who quits gets their deserving penalty, depending on how far into the game they quit (fine less heavy if quitting close to the match length, vice versa). Heck, put a match cooldown if its outrageous. After all, it’s their choice to quit early and they should own it.

Until then, QM random team games is a cesspool.

Does quitters in team games need harsher punishment?
  • Yes
  • No

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in league of legend the team can surrender in minute 15 by vote 4/5

report system should work better, like Dota or LoL .
It’s okay to leave once or twice… but if you doing it often or you have been reported by 7/8 players from lobby → recieve ban or penalty.


Just played a 2v2 40min game. Team mate quit around 20mins, I had to 1v2 for the rest 20mins but came out victory. Explain why we receive the same ELO rewards?

let’s pump this to get the dev to actually address it

This needs a less emotionally reactive title to be taken seriously, but this is a real problem lately. Team game quitters need some way of being flagged as such so they don’t continue to get opportunities to ruin the game for others.

Lately people have been leaving 5-10 minutes into games (has happened each of the last 4 team games i’ve played this week). Often they aren’t even under attack, they just suddenly surrender and even games that still pan out to be fun, are extremely difficult when it’s 2vs3 or 3vs4.

If poor player behavior won’t be addressed, instead when a player quits:

  • pop cap should be raised slightly for remaining players (220-230)
  • any resources from surrendering player get distributed evenly
  • any villagers from surrendering player get distributed evenly
    -alternative to points above, ghost villager collection gets distributed amongst remaining players
  • production buildings can be controlled by rest of team (non landmark)
  • surrendering players landmarks still count towards annihilation requirements (but do not produce units)

First they need to make a reconnection system.

I bet most of the early quits are just people who gets a crash.

I play with a friend that once a week will randomly got the game crashed. Imagine if we are in a 4v4 and he got 6 reports for quitting when he just got a crash.

Reconnection must be implemented.

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That’s unfortunate

I can’t imagine joining team games if my computer had stability issues. That feels absurdly inconsiderate, especially in context of this thread. If “most people early quits are just people who gets a crash”, then implementing any kind of deterrent would solve most of our problems right away.

Circling back to the alternative options, implementing some of those in-game compensations for team games would allow them to still be playable.

That’s not unfortunate, that’s because the game has some kind of problem that would randomly crash in some situations.

His PC is a laptop with i9, 32GB RAM and a RTX 3070 new from the past year.

I am currently playing also in a laptop that meets all the requeriments because I am in my holiday residence, and also had some game crashes.

We are in 2022 and I think reconnection is a feature that must be implemented.

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Meeting certain hardware requirements does not make a crash the fault of the game, there are numerous other potential causes. I have a PC older than his and the only time I’ve experienced crashing was when I installed beta drivers from AMD. I reverted to the previous driver release and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

You can think that all you want, but a re-connection system would still be contingent on deploying software that functioned as intended. Which you seem to think is the original cause, so I find it difficult to believe that would magically solve your friends issue anyways.

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they still not implementing the abandon penality system after 6 months? wow

A just formatted laptop with W10, with the recommended NVidia drivers and meeting all the hardware requeriments, but it is not a game fault? So tell me which fault is.

I am engineer and I work in software development, so I can affirm that his laptop and my laptop meet requeriments and have not stability issues of any type. I will activate steam log errors for AoE4, and when the crash happen will check for the issue.

Said that, I am not saying that a better penalty system has not to be implemented, I am just saying that a reconnection system is more important. I sincerely hope they announce reconnection in gamescom.


as an engineer, you already know they won’t. you’ve been educated several times by actual swe on this forum already.

The response of someone that has no arguments. Have a nice night :wave:

I really like the idea. I 100% think it should be implemented and I think it’s a topic that deserves it’s own thread.
But for this particular thread, I would just prefer the dev to implement something really simple and quick like an ELO penalty for this kind of behavior. When the ELO system is not addressing toxic behaviors and punish as such but rather treats everyone the same, it fails its only one job that is to categorize players levels and aid matchmaking.

It actually exists a thread about reconnection, just read it yesterday.

When I played LoL (like 8 years ago), it existed a penalty system. Players who quitted from a game were queued with people who also quitted, and you couldn’t get into ranked or normal queue until the penalty is gone.

Problem is I don’t think it’s enough player community in AoE4 to implement something like that.

And… In LoL you vote to surrender, so you can’t leave the game until more than a half of the players in your team wants to surrender, but I don’t think something similar can be implemented here.

None of that is relevant if there are network issues.

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I think the best solution though is to replace the quitting player with AI or give their stuff to the team somehow as you suggest.

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Ok. But I didn’t said it was network issues. It was a GAME CRASH.

Again, i have an older PC with lower specs - and 0 crashes. Buddy probably jacked up settings and didn’t tell you.