Team game just make player have the worst experience in aoe2

Most of time i play 1v1 ,
i enjoy how i lose or win , figure out what i should do better
last year after 1000 game, i reach 1700 , i feel really happy

but i start playing team games , teammate just keep blame each other for a weird reason , or even die 1 vill early game then quit game ,
they keep blame teammate and say “i am 2v1 ing , where your army” . when i check his base , i know he fk up build order and no wall no army , but somehow we fight back , he still blame me
and dont even notice our side is winning,

i am not good at English , but those mama boy just make me cant enjoy team game anymore

i wish Team Game keep continue Mute teammate as default
and hope those mama boys just STFU

also i hope one day , Line of Sight should shared as default in Team Game , thats make solo team game more easy to play without request too many communication

they dont want to improve, they just want a partner carry , this just looks so stupid

team game have lot of smurfs , and many players better skill ,
why those mama boys want to win every games without improve himself , then how to win ? make sense?


Unfortunately there are toxic players out there. If you do want to play team games, the best thing to do is find a group of friends about your level you can play with. The games will be more enjoyable, and you’ll play more like a team. That’s the best you can really do.


I don’t share your experience OP. Seldomly do people blame me or other team mates when we’re losing. Far more often I see team mates helping each other out and complementing each other. Or building a TC in a teammate’s base trying to keep going when they lost their base in arena for example.

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Same here. I meet new friend in team map even though we lose. After that we chat in discord and queue together afterward. I think this is the best part of the team game

For ranked team games you need to find a few good teammates to stick with.

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Thanks devs , at least now share line of sight as default :wink:


Too often I have experienced this that even if I get a new group of randoms I assume the worst right off the bat and that they will belittle me. of course I admit I lose my temper at times myself and have gone of the rails on people and it’s only gotten worse for me because of how much this has become the norm. It’s not right though, I wish our community can have a little more understanding that some people will struggle at this game for a number of reasons, and that we shouldn’t be hurling insults or abuse at eachother. Sometimes it’s just as simple as the enemy being faster than me that I have no army yet while he does and the walls for my base in arena have come down, is just simply that the Portuguese civ player can get an army of organs out at like 14 minute mark, it is completely absurd how they are able to do that. Like I can’t be blamed for that crap. I want to go back to when everyone remembers it’s just a stupid game and that a little elo loss here or there doesn’t matter. Speaking of which here’s my elo status, as you can see I have more losses than wins but here’s the thing I don’t care about it while other people seem to.

Sometimes when I enter a lobby and even though the connection seems stable between me and the others someone drops likely due to my win to loss ratio being 136 down, which is actually an improvement from 2 months ago when I was stuck at 150 down but people don’t care if you’re improving cause in their eyes you will always be the person that let the team down. Anyways at this point I’m rambling and just want to end it with, people will be toxic to make themselves feel all high and mighty but in the end all it ever does is damage the community and dissuade new people or veterans like me that have spent 10,000 hours in total from childhood to now playing it. I love this game from the bottom of my heart but if the result I get is people being awful simply because I’m not meeting THEIR standards of how to play the game it makes feel that same helplessness I feel in my IRL life of not meeting others standards and expectations and it really stings…

The main problem about team games, the diff about game knowledge between players is too much. Like some of the 2k elos players have 1,5k elos game knowladge but they play with 2k players and ruin his/her teammates game but there is nothing devs do about it. That is a comman problem in all team based games

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A ranked lobby would fix this, dunno why you are implying they don’t can’t do something about it.

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Ranked lobbies does not solve that problem, You have to find 8 players to play a game. It takes average 10 min to play a game while queue system can find in 3 min and many more problems. Queue>>>>>> lobby system

This is the issue.

For a 4v4 game you need to find 8 players (4x as many as for a 1v1 game) and there are less people playing 4v4 then people playing 1v1.

So either you have a long queue time or you don’t have people with similar ELO in the match.
Also you don’t want to play with the same people again and again and since the people you just played with are the most likely to queue at the same time with you the system has to temporarily basically blacklist them for you reducing the pool of available players even more.
And that doesn’t even get in the issue of premade and none premade teams.

Maybe they should let players decide if they want fast queue time or better matching ELO. But I guess that would lead to even more complaints when people wait for a long time and still thing the ELO wasn’t matched closely enough.

Quality over quantity, if you want to spend ur time on trash games fine, but several other users don’t want to spend their reduced time playing garbage games, waiting more for a better experience is the way to go.

For low elo players there is quickplay, match making can still be functional for low elo players but it is never going to work for the advanced players.

Team game matchmaking is better than most people want to admit. But it has its fair share of problems.

Why is it better than people want to admit? The thing is, even between evenly matched players we can get onesided games. Just watch pretty much any tournament, or your own 1v1 games. Sometimes everything goes wrong, and you get stomped. Or sometimes you wreck the opponent so hard, you think he is trolling. Thats normal. But if the same thing happens to our teammate, it gets very frustrating. I know that shooting your boar happens, even to pros, but if my flank does it and goes up 60s late because of it and instantly dies, it feels horrible.

Id say this variance is even bigger in teamgames than in 1v1 because you can’t come back by building counter units and the rush distance is shorter. This explains why we can have onesided matches with players of similar elo; its just a part of teamgames.

However, there are also two problems that are a direct consequence of the match making system.

The first is that two mediocre players usually beat a strong player and a noob. If your team has two 1500 players and the opponent has a 1300 as flank and a 1700 as pocket, chances are the 1300 player will die before his pocket has an impact. This could be avoided be beeing more restrictive in the elo range a match can have, but ofc the problem would be öonger queue times.

The second and probably bigger problem is something that is hardly ever talked about, id call it “rubber banding”. In short, the difference between a high teamgame mmr and a low teamgame mmr are very low (compared to 1v1; reason see below). The distribution is extremly steep and a few wins or losses can make the difference between “above average” and “top 5%”. Compared to the 1v1 distribution, the team game distribution is “pulled together” with most players beeing very close to the average rating.
This ofc makes the whole thing very unstable. A 1500 (teamgame) player might be an above average player who got lucky the last few games (eg opponents dropping or öuck with rnd civs) or a top 5% player who lost a few games in a row for similar reasons.

I think the frustrating experiences of losing due to other players mistakes cant be fixed, thats part of human psychology. Nor can the elo-range of the matches, because waiting isn’t fun. But “rubber banding” absolutly needs to go to better separate the players by skill level.

“Short” explanation what rubber banding is and why it is in the game:

There used to be a problem with players who would get ever higher mmr by teaming up with smurf accounts. Two 3.3k accounts would team up with two fresh 1k accounts, play vs 2.1k accounts and often win, getting higher and higher elo.

The devs stepped in an did two things. They partially reset team mmr, bringing everyone pretty close to 1k. One would expect the distribution to flatten again, but so far it doesnt (or only very slowly), and thats where rubber banding comes into play. If you win a match, not every player on the team gets the same amount of points. Rather, the lowest rated player gets the most points, the highest rated gets the least. This fixed the smurfing problem - it was pointless now, because the smurfs and not the main accounts would get all the points - but it means that a player who regularly plays with accounts below his own rating will lose points even if he wins 50% of the matches, even vs. equally strong opponents.

This may not sound that bad, until you realize that its ANY account that plays with lower rated teammates, not just premades. And since every account above around 1.2k (exact number is a bit hard to calculate) has (on average) teammates below its own rating, simply because there are more 1.1k rated accounts than 1.3k rated accounts, this means that any account above around 1.2k gets drawn down (and vice versa, lower rated accounts get pulled up). The entire elo distribution gets pulled together, instead of flattening out over time.
Note that this rubber banding does not mean that a bad player can surpas a good player, nor that you will be of lower or higher rank than you otherwise would. A top 1% player will still be top 1%. But it means that Top 1% is very close to top 10%, and top 10% very close to average, making unfair matches happening a lot more often.

Completely agree. If i look back at voobly where we only had a lobby, then the current experience in DE is much, much smoother. Finding the right lobby that also started was a terrible experience on voobly. Also match ups were even more unbalanced. As result you had to join multiple lobbies, because of random kicks, hosts that went AFK, lobbies that didnt fully filled, … Sometimes it even took over 1h to find a new game. That wasnt really an exception anymore. And most TGs were even unbalanced as well.

Now we have a match making system. I think i got into a match within 3 minutes most of the time. And yes, matches are sometimes unbalanced, but the general feeling is even better then Voobly. Clearly the current system isnt perfect. I will never claim that (just look at soms quirks are posted by Temudschinn for example), but the current system isnt that bad as some claim it to be.

If you dont like ranked and prefer a lobby, then i have good news for you. There is also a lobby in DE! No one is forcing you into ranked. If you prefer a lobby, then just go to the lobby and play there…

Quick play sucks in general. I dont really understand why the devs have added that made. Quick play is just ranked without taking your rank into consideration. So you are really throw into a game with random people. That just never works. That will just never work. This is the reason why quick play was never alive. I just always sucks.

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