Team games are dead. Grats Epic

i think the best thing they did for team games to be more fun and alive is reducing the map sizes. I know so many players who never played 3v3 and 4v4 actually queing up now. To be honest team games are faster to find now and the games are actually fun. I have played almost 100 team games now and the resources are fine and 70% of the games went imperial age and also easier to punish somebody just going fast castle age with 2 tc. Before it was kinda impossible. For the gigantic maps, you guys can still play non ranked. Although the main problem is that the teams get bugged out sometimes and you need to restart the game.

This is because the game is extremely simple in it’s mechanics, the lack of deep mechanics make the game boring and with few or no strategy options…

New king of the hill for 4v4 sux ■■■. needs to be bigger my god.

I said nothing about map size. I dont play 2v2 only 3v3 and 4v4 and its fine. better now.

Are you intentionally trolling here or having schizophrenic hallucinations?
So what does team ranked game difference to quickmatch? Having a Bronze / Silver instead of a 800 ELO number for you?

Exactly my thoughts. Reducing the map sizes does not only make the game play much more fluid, it actually also allows for many more interactions during the early-mid game as with 1on1s. That being said, the balance team did themselfs a big favour as now they do not have to balance out two entirely different games anymore.

I haven’t played Aoe4 for some weeks but consider coming back for team games, as I’ve always favoured team games over 1on1s.

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The same difference that it does in 1v1. I agree since they went with ranked seasons it should exist for team games as well, it shouldn’t be that hard

It’s the problem of approach, should it be the rank only based on personal ELO, or as a team?
If as a team, A + B, A + C, B + C, are three teams, having 3 positions, the ladder should be flooded like crazy.
If personal ELO, then what the difference between QM & RK?

Well, I don’t really care about teamed rank, for me team games are fun games, you just coordinate well with your friend and screw up one opponent, he cannot 1v2 you whatsoever.

i think aoe2 already answered the question.
Team rating for 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4.
and all ■■■■ about “A + B, A + C, B + C”, they somehow solved. There were problems with inflation. etc.
I believe currently for Quick Match exactly the same system works. (except it’s three rating, not together)

if TGs are balanced you will win a few games…get higher rating… and will face players who play and can coordinate well enough without discord…

Stop joining and leaving teaM GAMES IN THE 1ST 1 MIN. !!!1

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Team ratings in AoE 2 DE are totally broken, they don’t have it solved at all.