Team games are dead. Grats Epic

Team games are now dead. 20 min + que for the 2 maps that anyone even plays. I left for a month and came back to this crap.
All we wanted was ranked team matches. I knew this would happen. Teams are pointless and boing now. This could have been a good game but not its boing team game that everyone just quits cause its the same ■■■■ over and over.
I dont like 1v1 its the same crap every game.!!!
Boring 1v1 meta now all crosbowmen in mass because you cant balance mangoles proper. Im done trying to like this crap.

Thanks for nothing.


I think they ruined 2v2 by reducing map size to small. You are now closer to enemy than your teammate. And there are not enough resources to reach lategame in 2v2.

I knew that resizing maps was going to be a bad thing.

Nobody asked to reduce 2v2 maps!

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Did you have a talk with every player to says things like this? For me this change is great, before in 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 maps were much too large. Destroying wonders build in the corner of the map if you havent only cav (but then how to deal with walls) was a nightmare.


No one said it was bad idea to reduce 3v3 or 4v4 map sizes. They were issue, but not 2v2 maps. People have been complaining for 4v4s or 3v3s. Whenever devs patch something they mess up the other.

Tbh I greatly enjoy team games. The biggest issue seems to be that people are unable to join the lobby and get assigned to teams. More of a technical issue then issue of player-willingness.

I do share the mentioned that sometimes people now spawn closer to the enemy than to their allies. Which is weird but not an imbalance per se. It goes both ways. I am somewhat annoyed by early French + English dominance which is easy to play, relative to how not easy it is to counter… And of course rus streltsy deathballs are a pain and due to allies, larger maps and such it can be hard(er) to punish these kind of players. Probably won’t be possible to fix these balances perfectly since life is rich in nuances.

But yeah, I don’t share the experience nor the feeling from OP. At least, not from the same view point. Do have issues getting a game started because we might have 6 subsequent games where an opponent, a friend or myself simply does not get pulled into the lobby or so…

When I talk about something that aludes “the majority” of real people I don’t need to count those who are the “emptyness minority” , maybe 500 agreed that 4v4 maps and 3v3 maps should be smaller but only 13 people asked to make 2v2 maps smaller .

It’s called stadistic my friend .

I really want you to find me a thread who asked that 2v2 maps should be smaller and had big repercussion

Teamgames are better than before. Not sure why u complain so much right now.
Only we need to get rid off are drophackers + cheaters + some balance issues (grenadiers mostly)


Except 2v2 yes , they are better.

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Dude I dunno where you have been. But like 90% of the AoE4 community in reddit, Fb and others were complaining that team maps were too big. It made aggression really hard, it made wonders too powerful, it made boom civs and boom strats too powerful.


I disagree … French pass, Boulder bay and such a maps were super-cancerous before … now its better and only MUST-DODGE map is Black forrest …

Personally I’m happy with the changes, reducing the map size by one step for each game size was actually what I would have done.

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but 500 may be not the real majority as it dont take the total number opinion. stadistic are faulty sometimes because those scenario that happened with this patch.

Most of these were regarding 4v4 or 3v3. Its like changing every water map just because water is issue in some maps.

Yes, in 3v3 or 4v4 aggression is very hard. In 2v2 that isn’t the case. I have been playing before patch and you could reach opponent and start harassing around 6 (knights) to 8 (longbows) min. The difference is that you have to face double aggression. In 2v2 if opponents army reaches your base first its pretty much gg. They can easily split unit formation e.g (longbows + spears) & (MAA + Horsemen) and good luck countering them. Higher elo its impossible to survive without teammate help. Only in closed maps 2v2 games have been post-feudal.

They are now even more cancer. Do you even play 2v2s? or mostly play 1v1 and want to change 2v2 style similar to 1v1? Around imperial you have mostly filled up all space on your side and your base is bleeding into opponents’. Most frustrating thing is I cannot get french bonus because there isn’t enough space to put castle and production buildings around it. Everything is cluttered. Only open maps are playable in this patch.

I just find team games boring. There are so many premade teams now who consider rushing one player 4v1 down with rams to be peak gameplay.


Well yes am among top50 on leaderboard and my teammate is 5th … we beat players like bum09 + czczcz on daily basis or we managed to defeat players like state + iaguz as well … We will partipicate in a 2v2 tourney on 22th may which will be casted …

So yeah altough I dont play 2v2s very often here is my secondary account to practice for example: with 78 games and 100% winrate (XARDAScz1598 – AoE4 World) winrate is a bit lower only because of our lovely drophacking community members … So yeah I guess I know something about 2v2s :slight_smile:

Which style? A style where u are forced to do something in first 10-15 mins and u dont want to play sim-city? well … YES …

Sry I cant remember last time I was in late IMP 2v2 was ± in December … so yeah here you answered your own question … 2v2s before were super cancerous on HUGE maps … nothing more nothing less …

LOL … It seems to me like you are speaking ONLY about Black Forest about which I wrote before is MUST-DODGE map … other than that 2v2s are WAY WAY WAY better than before


They just really need to rework spawns for those maps…
It seems like the map script cannot handle the increased player count very well. When sacred site is ca. 10 tiles away from opponents base… gold and stone very irregular…

I said nothing about map size. I dont play 2v2 only 3v3 and 4v4 and its fine. better now.
The post is about team games are ruined because they dont put ranked team. Now were forced to play 1v1 which i think is boring AF

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Honestly, with map resize, team games are better than ever though. I had no trouble queuing and finding any games, even 2v2.
We just need team ranked, that is all.


New king of the hill for 4v4 sux ■■■. needs to be bigger my god. Not even enough resource on the map to support 8 teams. total fail. Stop messing with maps and do something with the ■■■■ balance.
Also where Team ranked game?

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